Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine Birthday Party

 We had Ella's Little Miss Sunshine Birthday this Saturday and it was one of my favorite parties I've put together! We went with a red/yellow color scheme! 
Ella was Little Miss Sunshine and her guests picked names that best described them! 
 Everyone got a T-shirt to wear and take home as a favor.
I found the plain white t-shirts at Big Lots (make sure to wash them prior to ironing images on).
I then printed the images onto iron on transfer paper that you can find at any craft store like Michaels. {The images are backwards because when you iron them on, they will flip to be the right way}
Once they were printed, I  cut out the words as one set and then cut out the character so it was easier to iron on without a lot of extra "shiny-ness" from the blank iron on paper.
Here is the link for the images...

I was so happy with how they turned out.
I will say, though that after many washes, they really faded, so they don't stand up for the long haul. 
 Since many of the guests were preschoolers, we went simple with a few activities- a coloring paper, a scratch paper to draw on and the best fun of all was painting popcorn with edible paint! They even got crazy and painted the fruit kabobs as well.
Popcorn paint was made from sweet evaporated milk and food coloring. So easy! 
 Everyone got their own water bottle and goodie pack- no way they are getting their stuff mixed up!
click on the link for the pdf for the water bottles.
 I made Little Miss Sunshines face for the cake and it was super easy and quick to make!
Just used a round pan and decorated with yellow fondant. 
It turned out awesome:) Also put out some red twizzlers and yellow lemon drops.

 The kids did SO good at this party- they listened so well and weren't crazy! 
I had them sitting at the table for almost an hour, then we did presents in the living room and then they played in the basement for a little and it was over before you know it. 

 We did throw in a few stories after presents and they loved them! 
Of course, the 2 boys at the party are nowhere to be seen:)


Unknown said...

What an adorable and unique party, Chastity! I LOVE the t-shirts you gave all the kids -- what a practical and still fun favor!

Beth said...

Such an AWESOME idea. You are so creative, Chas. I love it!

Michelle said...

WOW! I wish I was a kid/guest at that party! It looked like so much fun! You had such great ideas!! Awesome work. I'm sure Ella had the time of her life and felt so special!! You're a good Mama, Chas!

shannon rosine said...

Am planning a similar party for my little girl! Great ideas! Where did you find the t-shirts?

Carolina Araujo said...

Super cute!! I'm interested to know where you got the tshirts as well! Great idea!