Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Quick Trip to PA...

So, I was able to make a trip to PA last weekend with Elijah and I had SUCH a good and refreshing time with my family! Elijah did just awesome on the plane- his first ride- which I forgot to capture with a picture:( I was able to see my parents "new" house which was absolutely beautiful! They moved into my Nanny's house (which was my Great Grandmas before that) after she passed away and after a TON of remodeling was done to bring it into the 20Th century. I was able to see my brother and two step sisters and 3 of my nephews and my Grammy. Eating my moms home cooking was another special treat as was Dunkin Donuts coffee!! Oh, the JOY!! I can still taste it... Thanks Mom and Tim for flying me in and for the memorable time spent catching up in person!

The Metcalf Family

My beautiful mother

My brother Justin and his girlfriend Erika

This is my parent's dining room- my mom is such a great decorator!

I just LOVE fall...

The kitchen

Part of the master bedroomThis is picture that my Great Grandma had in her home-
I hope to someday have it passed on to me!Its so vintage:)

Below is a picture of Grandpa and Elijah- I just love his face!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

P.S. I Love You

So, I just watched a very sad movie that my sister-in-law lent me. I cried more times than I can count and don't think I'll watch it again. It is about how a wife deals with the death of her husband- too sad for me. I could never imagine loosing Mark. Not only is he an AWESOME help with the kids-he is my Companion, my Best Friend, my CONFIDANT, the Love of my life.

Elijah and Clara's First Play Date

Our dear little ones enjoyed a nice relaxing morning playing, sleeping and eating. Usually they are both asleep when we have play dates, but they actually played on the butterfly for a good 20 minutes! I LOVE having good friends that have babies- they understand what I'm going thru each and every day raising my children. I love ya, Erika and thank God for our friendship...

Where'd you get those eyes?

My dear, sweet Ella has the most amazing eyes- I love the way they look up at me when she has done something naughty! I love they way they pool up with tears when she is sad. I love the way they sparkle when she is excited! I love they way they catch the mischievous spirit within. I love they way they gaze at me with love when I tuck her in at night. I love the look of sweet innoncence as she looks at the world. I love her eyes!