Monday, March 30, 2009

Night #4- reverting back

10 pm- Sophia peed on the floor and was so upset she wanted to sleep with me (all night)
3 pm- Ella woke up and slept with me- tossing and turning

So, that wasnt too bad but we will see what tonight has in store. Ella cries for daddy CONSTANTLY all day long and in the night. I feel like crying too- I miss him. Our carpet flooded with all the melting snow- not fun.

Night #3- YEAH!

So, everyone slept until around 5:30pm! It was GREAT getting a better night of sleep:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Night #2- a tad better

2am- Sophia comes in my bed
4 am- Ella comes in my bed wide awake and starts singing all her little songs at full volume.
4:15 am- Elijah wakes up, nurses and starts joining Ella in conversation
4:30- Sophia wakes up
6am- Time to start day another day without daddy

Friday, March 27, 2009

Night #1 of Missing Daddy

11 pm- Elijah wakes up- bring him to my bed
12 midnite- Ella walks in and climbs into my bed
2 am- Sophia is crying in bed. She comes in my bed
I put Elijah in his crib
2:30am- Arianna climbs in my bed
4 am- Elijah wakes up crying- bring him in Ariannas bed with me
6:30am- ready to start another day without Daddy

Thursday, March 26, 2009


My dear husband arranged a surprise party for my 30th birthday!
(I think he felt bad that he was going to be gone on my actual birthday:)
Special thanks to my inlaws for hosting the party at their home
and providing the AWESOME food and yummy cake!
I love you guys! You made me feel so special:)
Everyone eating and enjoying the fellowship- I REALLY was surprised!
It was great to see friends that I haven't seen in a while!

The cake- my girls favorite part!

Blowing out the candles

Christie and I - thanks for the Starbucks card- we've already used it:)
Me, Ella, Aspen and Autumn- thanks for the Target gift card- I cant wait to use it!

Jamey and I- thanks for the Target card- I LOVE that store!!

Alyssa and I (doesnt she look great for just having a baby!)-
thanks for the great scarf- so pretty!

My dear friend, Erika and I- thank you for the GREAT purse and earrings-
you have great style:)

My sister in laws- Tina and Emy- thanks for all your help with the party!

Nothing worth waiting for...

My husband left today- he is accompanying the senior class to California for one whole week. (Why they couldnt find some single man with no wife or 4 children is beyond me) I keep looking at the clock (force of habit) It is nearing the time he unlocks the door and is greeted by hugs and squeals of "Daddys home!" It is nearing the time I usually get a break. I miss him. 7 days is feeling like an eternity.......
P.S. I am snowed in by mounds of ever falling snow- Oh, and its my birthday! And Elijah seems to be getting a cold....are you feeling sorry for me yet?Anyone want to come for a visit?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Country Mouse or a City Mouse?

I grew up in the country and have always felt as if I loved the country until moving to Denver, CO. Growing up on a lake, then moving to a house on a dirt road in the woods was great fun during my youth. Boating, exploring the forests, building campfires and forts where all part of the daily routine growing up. I continued the "country" phase by going to college in Dunbar, WI (as country as you can get!) Then, I met a city boy:)
Mark has always lived in the city and upon marriage was willing to try the "country " life in New England. I LOVED New England. I think the quaintness and charm of the little towns drew me in. I loved the sense of warmth and tradition that surrounds the people there. We stayed for 5 years and then moved back to Marks hometown- Denver-definitely a city.
Over the past few years, I have grown to really like the city- not sure if I LOVE it yet:) I enjoy the convenience of everything being so close. I enjoy the endless things to do, especially with little kids in tow. And the nice thing about Denver, is that the mountains are close. So, if I need a good dose of "country", we can drive a half hour and be in awe of God's talents!
And today, we visited a farm! White Fence Farm to be exact- a little nook of "country" tucked away in the busy city of Denver. My inlaws gave me a gift certificate to eat dinner there for my birthday and we had a VERY enjoyable afternoon celebrating me:) The kids all behaved so well and enjoyed the treehouse, tire swings, playground and animals. I LOVED all the little paths, bridges and gazebos! And the picture ops were endless... What a GREAT "country" day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Maybe I'm not too bad after all...

So, I looked at Ella today and mark commented at lunch how her hair is getting in her eyes and she just looked so scruffy to me:) So, when we got home I cut her hair in a nice bob with bangs- I REALLY like it and it turned out so cute! I think she looks so much neater and cleaned up! This was her first ever haircut!(other than a bang trim a few months ago!) What do you think?

Rise and Shine

I just love going to get Elijah when he wakes up from a good nap. He usually is cooing to himself and trying to see if Ella is up and ready to play.

Its so cute how he pulls down the bumper and
if Ella is awake she starts making him laugh- its the hilarious.

After a while I go in a scoop him up and he honestly hugs me so tight and burries his sweet little face in my shoulder- its the best feeling ever!

Coffee with a dear friend

My old college roomie- Sarah- was in Denver on business and called me up. We were able to get some coffee at The Tattered Cover and spend an hour catching up. I love Sarah- she was a great roommate and friend and it was so much fun to catch up right where we left off. She is returning in July- YEAH! and special thanks to my other friend Sarah who watched all three of my girls so we could have some peace and quiet:)

Getting Ready for Easter

So, here's a great deal! I got these straw hats at Target for $1 and took the cheap ribbon off and went to Michaels. I got a wide white see thru ribbon and big gerber daises that match the colors of the girls dresses. So, I hot glued it all together and presto- new easter hats that are pretty cute if I do say so myself!

A good reminder

Today, I read Deuteronomy 1-4 and what a great reminder it was that the God who has continually provided for us in the past will continue to guide in the future! How often the Isrealites forgot about what God had done in the past and how they worried about the future- it seems so foolish to me as I read those chapters and yet how often we do that in our lives today. As Mark and I step out in faith in this new chapter of our lives, it encourages me to know that God who has met every need since we have been married will continue to do so. I dont have to worry!! I dont have to fret!!
Duet 2:7 "...These 40 years, the Lord God has been with you, you have lacked nothing."

And I have the responsibility to pass those memories of how God has provided to my children so they know what a GOOD God we serve.
Duet 4:9 "Only take heed to yourself and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen... and teach them to your children and your grandchildren.."
I hope my children will be encouraged to follow God because of what He has done for our family and how He will continue to do great and mighty things for us! We serve a great God and we should never forget!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Soccer Stars

The twins are now stars for the Colorado Ice Girls 5 and under Soccer Team which is comprised of 6 little girls. They practice once a week and their first game is April 11th.. We will keep you posted on their success! Mark is hoping we are raising the next Mia Hamm!

"HI" from Elijah

My little fishys

We spent the day at the Apex Center swimming and playing!
Ella cracked me up today. She wants to be so independent. The twins were going down the slide into the water. It would dunk them but they loved it!! Ella kept toying with going down but would always not do it. Well, I told the girls to take a break from the slide and play in another spot. I was tending to Elijah and looked around and I saw Ella at the top of the stairs getting ready to go down the slide- she went down and I went running! Thankfully she was okay.
When I got there, she said,
"I dont need no help. I do it myself."

This was Elijah's second time in the water- He loved it!

Are these really ALL my children?:)

Ella's always my little helper with Elijah

The twins didn't get out of the water for the whole 3 hours! They were so pruned..

Here comes Trouble

Ella drew all over the door and wall with orange crayon.
Thankfully we had a Magic Eraser and it came right off-
She had too much fun cleaning it up!

Elijah's First Haircut

He wasnt too sure about what was going on:)

His hair was practically in his eyes up front

and he had this long tuft of hair in the back...

By now (20 seconds into it) he had enough

I also trimmed over his ears

Do you think it's a little too short- I'm not so sure about it and the next time I am definitely taking him to the hairdresser:)

He is a cutie though!