Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Country Mouse or a City Mouse?

I grew up in the country and have always felt as if I loved the country until moving to Denver, CO. Growing up on a lake, then moving to a house on a dirt road in the woods was great fun during my youth. Boating, exploring the forests, building campfires and forts where all part of the daily routine growing up. I continued the "country" phase by going to college in Dunbar, WI (as country as you can get!) Then, I met a city boy:)
Mark has always lived in the city and upon marriage was willing to try the "country " life in New England. I LOVED New England. I think the quaintness and charm of the little towns drew me in. I loved the sense of warmth and tradition that surrounds the people there. We stayed for 5 years and then moved back to Marks hometown- Denver-definitely a city.
Over the past few years, I have grown to really like the city- not sure if I LOVE it yet:) I enjoy the convenience of everything being so close. I enjoy the endless things to do, especially with little kids in tow. And the nice thing about Denver, is that the mountains are close. So, if I need a good dose of "country", we can drive a half hour and be in awe of God's talents!
And today, we visited a farm! White Fence Farm to be exact- a little nook of "country" tucked away in the busy city of Denver. My inlaws gave me a gift certificate to eat dinner there for my birthday and we had a VERY enjoyable afternoon celebrating me:) The kids all behaved so well and enjoyed the treehouse, tire swings, playground and animals. I LOVED all the little paths, bridges and gazebos! And the picture ops were endless... What a GREAT "country" day!


Beth said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL family picture! I love that Ella's missing a shoe! :0) ha ha ha... great pic.

Erika said...

We LOVE White Fence Farm, too. It's such an experience, especially for the kiddos. I'm from the country, too. We lived on 5 acres with a gravel road and woods right next door for the first 20 years of my life, and my parents now live on 27 acres of pecan trees in Mississippi, so I know exactly what you mean. I do love the variety of attractions that we have here, though. It's nice to live at both kinds of places during a lifetime.