Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This is For you mom!

I FINALLY got my hair cut and colored! 
I looked back through my pictures and discovered that my last hair cut was, I believe around March of last year- so it has almost been a whole year since I have done anything to my hair! Hard to believe. I am going to try to stay on top of my hair and try to get it "freshened" up every 3-4 months which you HAVE to do if you want to keep a cute shapely short hair cut! We shall see.
My mom always says I need to:) 
So when I think of haircuts, I think of my mom!
Love you and miss you, mom!! 
Hope you like the new "do'

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ladies Coffee

Our church started a Ladies Coffee ministry where we get together 2 times a month to drink coffee and let the kids play. It is a great way to get to develop relationships with other moms not to mention it is FUN! I SO look forward to getting together each month. 
Its great to get new ideas from other moms, to pray together, to talk about our struggles, to receive encouragement, to have fun, to drink coffee:), to let our kids play, to teach them to get along and develop social skills, the list could go on and on!
 I am blessed to have these woman as friends!

 oh, I forgot.. we have some pretty amazing treats too!
and if you live in the Denver area- PLEASE come! 
You will love it!
visit our church website for more details!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Heart Valentine's Day!

 I *HEART* Valentine's Day!
To me, it is a special day to treat the ones I love 
to a little bit of FUN! 
I try to come up with create "treats" to surprise and delight:) 

Treat #1- Deliver balloons and a card (and a big Hershey's KISS for Mark) to those who are in school! Ella told me she cant wait to go to school to get the Valentine balloon! 

Treat #2- Valentine Play date with food, crafts and Valentine exchange! (Thanks Sarah!)

Treat #3-  The kids favorite meal all fancied up a bit- dress up, candles, piano music, nice plates! I gave Elijah a fancy glass and decided to trade it in for a sippy cup about one minute into the meal! 

Treat #4-  Chocolate Fondue- strawberries, bananas and marshmellows dipped in yummy chocolate! What a gooey mess that turned out to be! 

Treat #5- Surprises from daddy! He really is the best!) Roses(for me) and the PERFECT cards for all of us! We are blessed....

Fun with Friends! 
2011 Homemade Valentines
(the one I made is featured below:)

  The Gomez Family resturant- serving spaghetti, chicken Parmesan  and squash!

 Daddys gift to the kiddos- rose petals- they had SO much fun!! 

my favorites of the day!

It was the perfect *HEART* day! 
Full of lots of laughs, hugs, kisses-

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A First in the Gomez Household!

 Yes, the Gomez family has thier first toothless grin on Arianna! She has been complaining about her loose tooth for months and has wiggled and wiggled and it finally fell out on its own accord the other day.
At first I tried but got goosebumps and was thoroughly grossed out by the whole process.
Then Mark tried but his hands were too big to get a good grip on that slippery little bugger.
I wish Mrs. Broad was in town (she's my old Kindergarten teacher who pulled the whole school's teeth- and it didnt even hurt or you were just too chicken to admit it hurt!)
So, every day we wiggled and pulled a bit....
 Ella was certain Arianna would scream her head off when it came out so while we were trying to get it out- she held her ears! It was hilarious!! And the funniest part was that Arianna didnt cry at all during the whole week process. And thats a miracle if you know Arianna and her threshold of pain:)

 Finally, one morning she woke up and said her tooth felt really weird and she wiggled it and it fell right out in her hands! She was beyond excited!! And I was too! I pulled out the very special porcelian tooth container that would hold the tooth under the pillow while she slpet at night and she was happy to find out the next morning that the tooth fairy is real (although Sophia told her its just mom and dad) 
Thankfully, the tooth fairy didnt forget!!
She is just TOO cute!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

It's not fun being sick

 My poor twins. 
Weird how they BOTH came down with a fever in a matter of a few hours of each other. 
Last night, Sophia woke around 1:30 and was burning up and couldnt get back to sleep. So her and I moved downstairs where we watched a movie and then another and another till day break.
Yep, she didnt sleep. weird.
She was still feverish around 6:30am so I made the call to keep them both home from school today.
Arianna didnt have a fever but I could tell she was a bit "off". Sure enough, Arianna spiked a fever around 8:00 and it was HIGH! I though we could wait it out till Mark came home because we were out of any type of tylenol, etc for kids. 
But around 12:00, I checked her and her fever was up to 103 and she was shaking and SO miserable.
I was afarid she might start seizing (Sophia did that when she was 2) 
So, Daddy came to the rescue with meds, Wendys frosties and fries and a new kids movie from RedBox! Our hero! 
I also whipped up these soft "ice packs" for the girls. They are just filled with rice but when you put them in the freezer, they get nice and cold and stay cold longer than a wet washcloth! 
We have a pile of 8 of them, so that should get us through the weekend and the great many boo-boos that occur  frequently in this house! 
Pray for the twins to get over this fast and pray that noone else catches the fever bug! 
Its not fun!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dont Give Up on me!!!

 I am still here- I promise! 
Busy creating and adding to my new ETSY shop.
I'll do a more proper introduction of my shop on my blog soon.
But for now, you can click right HERE
to see what has been consuming my time the past 2 subzero days!