Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Sleepover Camp

The twins headed out this past weekend for their first ever overnight girl scout camp up in the mountains.

 It was hard for me to say goodbye- I knew they would be safe but its just that first time really cutting the strings and letting them experience some independence with their little friends by themselves. sniff. It was hard for me not them. Arianna told me, when I hugged her goodbye and told her I loved her and would miss her for the 100th  time, "Mom, its only one night."
I was thinking that they would be in this little shack cabin in the middle of the woods but it was basically a little lodge in the woods complete with a fire place and kitchen- no roughing it this time:)

We went back up the next day and they put on a little program with all the funny little camp songs they learned complete with hand motions. It was super cute! Brought back fun memories of camp songs from my childhood:) They also received a gazillion badges for their girl scout year.
Guess what I'll be doing all summer long?- sewing them on their sash!

The next camp is in April (a LONG way away) and it will be all weekend- baby steps.

Special thanks to Teresa and Stephanie who were wonderful leaders this year! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wrapping up the school year

{Arianna} August 2011- first day of school

{Arianna} May 2012- last day of school

{Sophia} August 2011- first day of school
{Sophia} May 2012- last day of school

Twins with Ms. Sustr- first day
Twins with Ms. Sustr- last day

{Ella} September 2011- first day of preschool
{Ella} May 2012- last day of preschool

Ella and Ms. Pam- first day

Ella and Ms. Pam- last day
 So blessed to have such wonderful teachers in my children's lives this year- they encouraged, loved and educated my kiddos with such dedication! 

Teacher gifts for the end of the year

Twas a wonderful school year... 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ella's Preschool Graduation

My heart is SO full looking thru these pictures- 
Praise God for His mercies and blessings 
which he has poured out in abundance in our lives! 
We love you, Ella and look forward to many more graduations ahead! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy "Faux" Birthday!

The twins have a summer birthday so as the end of the year begins rolling towards us, they start asking if I can make them treats to bring in for their "faux" birthday! Of course I oblige because who doesn't just LOVE bringing in treats to school on their birthday!

 Sophia chose Peter Rabbit cupcake toppers which I downloaded for free. 
Arianna took hers in today. I made chocolate chip cookie bars (Michelle Weston, I use your cookie recipe and it is by far my absolute fav!) - it was SO much easier than cupcakes:) We still printed little labels for them for free:) I cannot believe how many free cupcake printables there are out there on the web.  Its a free way to add a little something to spice up treats, especially for kids.

This Friday (3 days away) is the twins last day of school!
I cannot believe it!
Where has this school year gone?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A First of Many More to Come!

The twins participated in our school science fair last week.
 They worked on a project with their friend J.J. 
sophia cracks me up with her peace sign

JJ's sister Alexa(in the purple)  is the pretty much the same exact age as Elijah- almost 4- she is WICKED tall! 
 He would come over after school and they glued letters, wrote their hypothesis, worked with carnations to see what liquids they would drink. It was a good first science fair project- easy and do-able by 2nd graders. The night of the science fair, they had a rocket making table and these cool air compressors that would launch the rockets. It was a FUN night:) We walked home around 8pm and the kids "flew" their rockets home all the way... it was so memorable.