Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A First of Many More to Come!

The twins participated in our school science fair last week.
 They worked on a project with their friend J.J. 
sophia cracks me up with her peace sign

JJ's sister Alexa(in the purple)  is the pretty much the same exact age as Elijah- almost 4- she is WICKED tall! 
 He would come over after school and they glued letters, wrote their hypothesis, worked with carnations to see what liquids they would drink. It was a good first science fair project- easy and do-able by 2nd graders. The night of the science fair, they had a rocket making table and these cool air compressors that would launch the rockets. It was a FUN night:) We walked home around 8pm and the kids "flew" their rockets home all the way... it was so memorable.

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