Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Sleepover Camp

The twins headed out this past weekend for their first ever overnight girl scout camp up in the mountains.

 It was hard for me to say goodbye- I knew they would be safe but its just that first time really cutting the strings and letting them experience some independence with their little friends by themselves. sniff. It was hard for me not them. Arianna told me, when I hugged her goodbye and told her I loved her and would miss her for the 100th  time, "Mom, its only one night."
I was thinking that they would be in this little shack cabin in the middle of the woods but it was basically a little lodge in the woods complete with a fire place and kitchen- no roughing it this time:)

We went back up the next day and they put on a little program with all the funny little camp songs they learned complete with hand motions. It was super cute! Brought back fun memories of camp songs from my childhood:) They also received a gazillion badges for their girl scout year.
Guess what I'll be doing all summer long?- sewing them on their sash!

The next camp is in April (a LONG way away) and it will be all weekend- baby steps.

Special thanks to Teresa and Stephanie who were wonderful leaders this year! 

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