Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Splattering of Friends

 What a fun night last night when 14 of some of the most wonderful ladies got together to PAINT! Some of these girls I hadnt seen in a while and it was very good to catch up. Looking at these pictures, my heart was so overwhelmed by the wonderful woman God has placed in my life. Women that make me smile and laugh. Women who love me with all my faults and challenge me to love Christ even more and be the kind of wife and mother God wants me to be. Women who I can be myself with. Women who pray for me. Women who love God and inspire me in so many different areas! I am so blessed.

The painting itself was fun and VERY challenging! It was the first time painting here for a lot of these girls and it was a very difficult painting but everyone rose to the challenge! It was a fun night with some fun ladies!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures in the Great Woods of Colorado

This past Friday we were able to get away for one night up the beautiful mountains of Colorado.
We brought along a tent (Thanks Caucutts) and lots of food to cook over a fire and headed to Columbine Campground which is in Central City. We were originally going to go to Bear Creek Lake Park but they were full and I am SO glad they were because you could see 
Home Depot from that campground and its not very "rural". 
We camped with our dear friends, the Lutzs and enjoyed the 
dirt, smoke, fire and beautiful creation all around us! 

Our fire was perfect and roared for around 5 hours Friday night. 
It was very cold and damp so it kept us warm! 
We cooked hot dogs and baked beans over the fire and 
then had a yummy salsa and chips that Erika made. 
Of course, we roasted smores too! 
Sophia lost her 2nd tooth eating a hot dog. 
She looses her teeth in the coolest of places. 
Her hands are SOOOO dirty- I just tried not to think of how dirty everyone was. It was hard.

 The kids were SO funny- coming up with all these scary stories around the camp fire at night and then again in the morning exploring the forest. They kept saying that they thought someone was watching us because they saw lots of clues in the forest. It was SO cute! Even Elijah and Clara got into it.

 Sleeping was not that easy especially when it was pouring out and my imagination would get the best of me. The twins did GREAT and slept like logs. Elijah coughed a lot during the night but other than that slept. Ella on the other hand..AHHH! She is (even at home) a mover and talker in her sleep. She was SO restless all night long. It was a LONG night! 
But a very pretty morning! We were up at 6:30 and started the fire for breakfast. I cooked eggs, sausage and pancakes and coffee all over an open fire. Thank GOODNESS for modern technology- I would HATE to do that every day- it took me hours! 

After breakfast, the kids played in the woods for hours. 

It was a fun trip and we will definitely do it again! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Smile... Its Friday!

Im glad its Friday. I have basically been sick all week- very achy and a fever and just plain yucky. The temps have been in the high 90's so that has helped none. Our house is hot. I did spring for the air conditioner yesterday and it was so much better. Thankfully, after a whole day of laying on the couch, I woke today feeling much better. I am praying it lasts throughout the day.

Tonight we are taking the kiddos camping at Bear Creek Park. They are beyond excited. This is there first  camping experience ever. Its not in the real mountains of Colorado yet... just a practice run at a local state park that lets you set up tents. We cannot wait. If all goes well, we will head up to the real mountains in September for another go at it.

Last night Arianna wanted her bangs cut again. She looks SO cute with bangs! She is growing the rest of her hair out. Of course, Ella wanted some bangs too- so we gave her some. I think she looks more like me with bangs. Not sure why. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 
And dont forget to SMILE! 

If you are in the area, please check out our church (SOLA) at our new location- just off of Holly and County Line. We met at 10:30 and are starting a new series about 
why church matters and what is the church for, etc. 
It should be awesome. 
Please email me if you have any more questions!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Move over Julia- Sauce and a Memory

Yesterday, I made my first ever hollandaise sauce and it was delicioso! I LOVE anything to do with creamy egg yolks and butter- add a dash of lemon juice and thats basically it- whip and whip and whip on low heat and the resulting concoction is smooth, creamy, and amazing!

 I got my recipe from Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and reading her recipes crack me up- she is so blunt and practical- I love it! And I loved her hollandaise sauce. Can you tell which movie I recently watched? Its one of my favorites and I love how it inspires me to cook after I watch it.

I cooked up 2 large, plump artichokes and all the while thought of my dad- he introduced me to artichokes at a very young age- Its so FUN to eat an artichoke- just peal off a leaf and run your teeth along the bottom edge and taste the meaty flesh- its mild and so yummy. It takes forever to get through to the middle but when you do- ahhh! Scoop out the hairy part (its weird, I know) and you have the heart of the artichoke which is the real treasure.

Last Sunday, it was 13 years on the day that my dad has been gone. I was 19 when I got the call that would change my life forever. My dad had been shot and was dead. But God's grace is amazing and gives you the strength you need to carry on!  Part of me feels like it has been MUCH longer.. I forget so much about him yet I do remember certain things vividly. Those memories carry you through the sad days and the pain gets easier but the ache of missing him is always there.

The hollandaise sauce turned out great but the memory of my dad was even better!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Twin

my brother and I around 1980 or 1981

Ella- 18 months

Ella- 20 months

present day
My little Ella starts school September 6th and she is SOO ready! She will be attending Christ Lutheran Preschool. She will go Monday thru Thursday from 9:30-12:45 and be in their Jr. Kindergarten.
She is beyond excited. She cant wait to meet friends and have her our little "circle" of friends that doesnt include the twins! She cant wait to go to birthday parties without her sisters:) 
Ella struggles so much with being a "third" wheel around the twins. The twins do very good overall including Ella and playing with her but there is some unexplained magical bond between twins that Ella sees and wants.  We have explained numerous times that God made Ella the way she is and she is special, but in her mind if you dont have a twin, you dont belong. Poor thing. 
Looking through old pictures of Ella and me- Ella discovered that she and I looked VERY much alike when we were little and she told me  that I can be her twin.. which I happily said "YES" to! 
But she knows its not the same. She often asks us if we can adopt a little girl that has her same birthday and blond hair so she can have a twin too. 
Maybe someday! 
But for now, Mommy will have to do! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunset at The Park

One of our favorite parks ever is Daniel's Park located in Highlands Ranch- 
we often go up there to watch the sunset- it is breathtaking. 
I have been overwhelmed lately  in how much I LOVE my family.
 My husband is too good for words. 
He treats me so much better than I deserve and
 I am humbled to have him by my side. 
His patience is incredible. 
His unwavering love and kind words melt my heart.
He is constantly complimenting me and I love him! 
My children are still lots of work and are VERY far from perfect 
but my heart swells with pride when I see them helping each other and sharing, 
setting the table without being asked, 
writing sweet notes to one another, 
behaving at a restaurant. 
I am blessed to have my 4 little munchkins by my side. 
God has bountifully blessed and I pray that I always
cherish these moments and have a heart of gratitude 
for what He has graciously given.