Monday, August 29, 2011

Adventures in the Great Woods of Colorado

This past Friday we were able to get away for one night up the beautiful mountains of Colorado.
We brought along a tent (Thanks Caucutts) and lots of food to cook over a fire and headed to Columbine Campground which is in Central City. We were originally going to go to Bear Creek Lake Park but they were full and I am SO glad they were because you could see 
Home Depot from that campground and its not very "rural". 
We camped with our dear friends, the Lutzs and enjoyed the 
dirt, smoke, fire and beautiful creation all around us! 

Our fire was perfect and roared for around 5 hours Friday night. 
It was very cold and damp so it kept us warm! 
We cooked hot dogs and baked beans over the fire and 
then had a yummy salsa and chips that Erika made. 
Of course, we roasted smores too! 
Sophia lost her 2nd tooth eating a hot dog. 
She looses her teeth in the coolest of places. 
Her hands are SOOOO dirty- I just tried not to think of how dirty everyone was. It was hard.

 The kids were SO funny- coming up with all these scary stories around the camp fire at night and then again in the morning exploring the forest. They kept saying that they thought someone was watching us because they saw lots of clues in the forest. It was SO cute! Even Elijah and Clara got into it.

 Sleeping was not that easy especially when it was pouring out and my imagination would get the best of me. The twins did GREAT and slept like logs. Elijah coughed a lot during the night but other than that slept. Ella on the other hand..AHHH! She is (even at home) a mover and talker in her sleep. She was SO restless all night long. It was a LONG night! 
But a very pretty morning! We were up at 6:30 and started the fire for breakfast. I cooked eggs, sausage and pancakes and coffee all over an open fire. Thank GOODNESS for modern technology- I would HATE to do that every day- it took me hours! 

After breakfast, the kids played in the woods for hours. 

It was a fun trip and we will definitely do it again! 


Jeanette said...

that looks like a lot of fun! I have actually never been camping but I hope someday we can take the kiddos and make memories. Love that she lost her tooth on the trip - that will always make it more memorable!

Erika said...

Great pictures - I like how some of the two side-by-side ones look like they go together. :) We had a great time, and so glad to have gone w/ y'all.