Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunset at The Park

One of our favorite parks ever is Daniel's Park located in Highlands Ranch- 
we often go up there to watch the sunset- it is breathtaking. 
I have been overwhelmed lately  in how much I LOVE my family.
 My husband is too good for words. 
He treats me so much better than I deserve and
 I am humbled to have him by my side. 
His patience is incredible. 
His unwavering love and kind words melt my heart.
He is constantly complimenting me and I love him! 
My children are still lots of work and are VERY far from perfect 
but my heart swells with pride when I see them helping each other and sharing, 
setting the table without being asked, 
writing sweet notes to one another, 
behaving at a restaurant. 
I am blessed to have my 4 little munchkins by my side. 
God has bountifully blessed and I pray that I always
cherish these moments and have a heart of gratitude 
for what He has graciously given.


Jeanette said...

aww such a sweet reminder on how precious family really is! Love all these pics - you really do have a beautiful family!

Erika said...

Wonderful, sweet post. You are blessed!

QNormal said...

You took those shots at the golden hour (actually, more like the golden "half-hour") which is right before sunset. The lighting is very nice then. Very nice.
BTW: If you are interested, the movie Days of Heaven, with Richard Gere and Sam Shepherd, was shot almost entirely with natural light at the golden hour. It is a lovely film.

Chastity Gomez said...

Will have to check that film out, Erin! Thanks!

Chastity Gomez said...

oops- Jeremy- sorry, I was thinking of my friend Erin as I posted that last comment!