Monday, September 27, 2010

What a Weekend!!

 This weekend was a whirlwind of baking! 
I had 2 wedding cakes to make for a 100 people each. 
I made them from scratch and covered them with fondant.
My sweet husband helped me SO much by watching the kids, 
making endless runs to the store and even helping me decorate! 
What a guy! 
We were able to go to Salina and Zachs wedding and it was beautiful!
(thanks grandma and grandpa for watching our 4 kids so we were able to go!)

 I love weddings! They remind me so much of how much I love being married to my best friend.
Mark is the man of my dreams and I told him I want to renew our vows and have another "wedding" with all our family and closest of friends! Maybe for our 15th anniversary! He didnt seem to crazy about the idea, but he'll do it- thats how much he loves me:)lol

 The reception was lovely, bright and colorful! Just like Salina! 
They had Mexican food and it was SO yummy! 
I like wedding food and this was so good and filling!
 Every time I agree to make a cake, the day off, I always tell mark that I never want to do it again. It is very stressful and a ton of work. Even as I was saying this, I told him I have some birthday cakes to make next weekend:) I just cant say no! It reminds me of my dad. He would say yes to all kinds of cakes and cooking, even though it was a lot of work! I sorta view it as a ministry to others, offering them cheap cakes that look good, although I am no professional! I do enjoy using cake decorating as an outlet for my creative juices. 
Well, now to get caught up on my life.... laundry, cleaning, etc.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Casting All My Cares...

on HIM because HE cares for me! I Peter 5:7 I have been saying this verse over and over and over and over the past few days! I feel very overwhelmed. Money is tight, the kids have been so wound up, I have 2 wedding cakes to make on Saturday and Sunday, the eye doctor found something a little "off" with my eyes, I just got over strep throat, housework seems to never be caught up, and the list could go on and on. But I have a HOPE even in midst of life's circumstance. CHRIST. He cares for me! I can throw all those stresses on HIM and He and only HE can give me peace. I am trying with Christ's help to REST in Him and SMILE and ENJOY each and every day, stresses and all.

"When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Becoming a big boy is easier said than done

Little Elijah is getting older (not necessarily bigger:)
And with the increase in age, comes increase in responsibility like doing his "business" on the potty.
We started this business with all our other children right when they turned 2,
but with Elijah I waited a bit longer, 
maybe because I dread this task more than anything else in parenting 
or maybe because he was my last little one to train 
or maybe because I am too tired to even think about it...
(I think the last is the true reason) 
So a few weeks ago, I got tired of poopy diapers and went for it.
I have been putting Elijah excusively in undies during the day..
even when we go out.
( I have to be careful not to call them panties like I did with the girls:)
So far, we have had a few accidents out and about, 
but he has gone on the potty in stores! 
Whenever, Iput him on the potty at home or out, 
he will push and if theirs anything he will go,
The problem I am having is he never asks to go.
If I dont put him on for an hour, he will have an accident.
I even got a little potty from a friend and its downstairs when he plays 
but he will never take the initiative sit on it.
So, I am happy with his progress and hope that in a few more weeks 
I will  see him realizing he has to go, holding it and going to the potty himself..
any thoughts?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just writing..

Just thought I'd write about my thoughts and ordinary days around here.
My girls love 1st grade and are not only expanding their minds but thier tastes as well..
We get free lunches since we have a gazillion people in our family:)lol so I have been NOT packing lunches and making the girls eat all thier lunches at school.
This has broadened their picky palettes.
They have added to their likes: chicken nuggets, celery, broccoli!!!
Baby steps in the right direction!
On a decorating note, I really need to get some red paint to finish my dining room. I made the curtains- which I LOVE!!! and I even had a big family photo shoot downtown to get some "artsy" looking pictures for the white wall opposite the red ones. My dear, sweet friend Megan and I worked ever so hard at Gymboree last night (lol) coming up with a pattern for all the black frames that I am using to display all the MANY wonderful shots she captured! 
So, now I am itching to get going!
I will publish the photo shoot pictures soon! You are going to LOVE them!
And I cant wait for IKEA to get here (next December- ugh)
so I can replace this horribly old, scratched and ugly table with a nice black one and padded chairs.
I am hoping by that time, little Elijah will have graduated to a CLEAN eater and we wont have as many dried mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and Life cereal stains and crud to deal with! 

Yesterday, I was able to watch these two cuties and let me tell you, 4 kids who are 3 and under is no easy task! They were all very good though and even napped for me (all but Elijah who laid in my bed with me reading a book) and kept kissing me, hugging me, rolling over, singing, kicking the blankets, picking his nose, and a variety of other offenses. He never fell asleep  and let me tell you a  2 yr old who misses a nap is NOT fun at 5 oclock at night-
Special thanks to Mark who dealt with him while I was at work interior decorating with Megan:)
But overall, it was a fun day spent with friends! 
Julianna cracked me up with these skates- I thought she was going to break her ankle!
And Addie had a grand time making herself pretty with all the pretend beauty tools we have..

Just so you know, I LOVE being a mommy who can stay at home 
and take care of my little ones and blog! 
Thank you , Mark, for working so hard to make this possible.

Well, time to log off....
over and out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had a great visit yesterday from some of my childhood friends growing up in PA!
Anne Trach was actually the one who invited my mom to church and thru that she was saved and has been attending that church ever since. Its a pretty cool story! 
It was good to catch up with her and her family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Little Piggie

The other day Elijah was playing with our toes and saying the "This Little Piggie" rhyme
His version went like this...
"This little piggie went to Mr. Marcus's
this little piggie went to church
this little piggie went to Mr. Bobbys
this little piggie went home..."
It was hilarious!
He is really expanding his vocabulary- its amazing the things he comes up with.
I have yet to post videos on this blog because I cant quite figure it out
but I will soon...
I need Marks help. 
I have a bunch of Elijah singing some songs.
Its a must hear, especially for the grandparents!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome, Julia

Little Julia Keller Endyk arrived in the world on Sunday!
She is the daughter of Valerie and Bobby Endyk who are gonna rock as parents! 
Bobby is SO good with little kids and will make a great dad and 
Val is gonna make a wonderful mommy!
Your fist baby is such a memorable experience! 
We are SO happy for them as they embark on this lifelong journey of parenthood! 
We were able to visit them and met Julia- the girls were SO SO excited!
They even wrote about it in their weekend journals for school.

It was a good feeling to hold that little baby and not have a burning desire for another newborn.
My big family feels complete to me and that is a good thing.
It did however bring back good memories of my big kids being little ones...
it goes by so fast!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


My wishes have come true- we have a Pinkberry right here in downtown Denver.
It is an amazingly delicious frozen yogurt shop.
You choose the flavor and size and you can add as many toppings as fit in a cup! 
They had everything- barrels of fresh fruit, crunchy granola, fruity pebbles, mounds of candies
oh it was wonderful!
And it was reasonably priced- $2.50 for a small little cup- not bad! 
And the decore is SO cute- very fresh and retro!
I need to find another reason to go downtown so I can get some more of that creamy goodness!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Slumber

The other night I caught this picture of my twins in sweet slumber and 
memories of crazier times flashed thru my head.
They LOVE to sleep together ever since birth. 
They shared a crib until 6 months. 
Once they had their own beds at 2yrs, 
I would always find them sleeping together in the morning,
so now at age 6, we dont fight it. 
They sleep together every night. 
They cuddle each other and snuggle up every night.
It is so sweet.
I am SO happy that I was able to experience twins.
The bond is amazing and will never be broken.

 And dont ask me whose who during sweet slumber. 
Looking at these pictures present and past,
I still cant tell...