Friday, September 17, 2010

Becoming a big boy is easier said than done

Little Elijah is getting older (not necessarily bigger:)
And with the increase in age, comes increase in responsibility like doing his "business" on the potty.
We started this business with all our other children right when they turned 2,
but with Elijah I waited a bit longer, 
maybe because I dread this task more than anything else in parenting 
or maybe because he was my last little one to train 
or maybe because I am too tired to even think about it...
(I think the last is the true reason) 
So a few weeks ago, I got tired of poopy diapers and went for it.
I have been putting Elijah excusively in undies during the day..
even when we go out.
( I have to be careful not to call them panties like I did with the girls:)
So far, we have had a few accidents out and about, 
but he has gone on the potty in stores! 
Whenever, Iput him on the potty at home or out, 
he will push and if theirs anything he will go,
The problem I am having is he never asks to go.
If I dont put him on for an hour, he will have an accident.
I even got a little potty from a friend and its downstairs when he plays 
but he will never take the initiative sit on it.
So, I am happy with his progress and hope that in a few more weeks 
I will  see him realizing he has to go, holding it and going to the potty himself..
any thoughts?


Erika said...

Just keep on keeping on. We are working hard on it, too, and having some progress! It's not a fun thing to teach, but I am not wishing these young days away. I'll be sad when they turn "3" and will be so grown up. I remember thinking that about Madeleine. The baby days are almost over. :(

Sarah said...

My Elijah was the same way about pottytraining. Even now, we have to tell him to poop...he doesn't tell us often on his own. I think boys just take longer to understand the feeling....I didn't start til 3 with Elijah and Asa, and they picked it up quickly once we started hard-core. Yours will get might just take a little longer than the girls did. :-(