Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome, Julia

Little Julia Keller Endyk arrived in the world on Sunday!
She is the daughter of Valerie and Bobby Endyk who are gonna rock as parents! 
Bobby is SO good with little kids and will make a great dad and 
Val is gonna make a wonderful mommy!
Your fist baby is such a memorable experience! 
We are SO happy for them as they embark on this lifelong journey of parenthood! 
We were able to visit them and met Julia- the girls were SO SO excited!
They even wrote about it in their weekend journals for school.

It was a good feeling to hold that little baby and not have a burning desire for another newborn.
My big family feels complete to me and that is a good thing.
It did however bring back good memories of my big kids being little ones...
it goes by so fast!

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Erika said...

She looks just like her mama! Cute little thing.