Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Slumber

The other night I caught this picture of my twins in sweet slumber and 
memories of crazier times flashed thru my head.
They LOVE to sleep together ever since birth. 
They shared a crib until 6 months. 
Once they had their own beds at 2yrs, 
I would always find them sleeping together in the morning,
so now at age 6, we dont fight it. 
They sleep together every night. 
They cuddle each other and snuggle up every night.
It is so sweet.
I am SO happy that I was able to experience twins.
The bond is amazing and will never be broken.

 And dont ask me whose who during sweet slumber. 
Looking at these pictures present and past,
I still cant tell...


Jeanette said...

that is so precious and amazing! so great to get photos of these moments!

StacieB said...

So cute Chas!! I secretly (ok, not so secretly) hope I have twins when I finally do have kids! Enjoy them :)

Michelle ;0) said...

What sweet moments you captured! Thanks for sharing. I loved seeing them!