Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Thank yous! P.S. This will probably be boring if your not family:)

To: Grandma and Grandpa in PA! The first 3 videos are for you! 
Disclaimer: We are working on Elijah's manners.
 To : The Maccarrone Family- Thanks for all the great gifts- the video below is for you!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas From the Gomez Family!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas morning!

My heart is full with thankfulness for my wonderful family 
and the OVER ABUNDANCE of blessing God has given to me!
But most importantly, the gift of God's Son- deity come to earth to save a fallen people.
Praise God for redemption and Praise God for the gift of Jesus Christ!~

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Concerts, Parties and Ornaments!

 On the 13th the twins had a WINTER concert at their school. It was sorta sad because they sang NO Christmas songs- they were all generic ones about winter and such.
I missed Mrs. Johnsons HUGE production at Christmas time 
complete with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
and multitudes of angels singing praises to GOD! 
Nevertheless, they did dress up for the occasion, even Ella!

Last week was the busiest week of all in our Christmas preparations!
Tuesday night, we delivered 6 plates of homemade cookies to the neighbors in our row.
Thursday morning, we had a Ladies coffee Christmas party  at our house
complete with cookie swap and jewelry exchange!
Thursday night we invited all the neighbors in our row over for a Christmas Open House. We had 4 different families come and we had so much fun getting to know them better! 
Friday, we helped host another holiday party at the Mondragons for all Marks old highschool friends who still are in the area! Thanks Megan for babysitting!
Saturday night I went to a holiday Bunko party at my sister in laws house- it was SO much fun! Thanks Emy for hosting it! 
This week is much less busy. 
We are having Christmas Eve dinner here with Marks family.
Christmas Day we are having the Lutzs over for an Italian feast:) 
I really do enjoy all the parties and activities of Christmas!

(these flowers were given to me by our neighbor- so sweet)
 Here are the 3 ornaments I mass produced for Christmas this year! 
They turned out cute! The owls are my favorite!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sew Cute!

For the possibly thousand giveaways on blogs that I have entered, I won the other day!!!!! a cute colorful shirt from Sara! She has the cutest most colorful blog I've seen! I REALLY want one of her paintings for my dining room wall... Click here to see her blog!

In other news, Marks parents and Alex are in Bolivia.. they left 2 Monday's ago! The kids miss them. We had them over before they left for dinner and to give them their gifts.. here are some CUTE pictures!

I am very behind in blogging and reading blogs. SO much sewing for Christmas presents lately! Its very fun though! I just LOVE sewing- its my new favorite thing! My friend Mel, sewed Ella an adorable apron for Christmas and I think I am going to try to make one today- for myself and for a gift.
I really should be taking pictures of my finished products so I can post them after Christmas for all to see!  I am off to a sewing shop today to see about a class or maybe just a whole bunch of supplies for my sewing obsession! I have a gift card!!! 
The twins will be going to a little girl Christmas Party this morning. 
Ella has a little fever and a cough and will be home with daddy.
Elijah is going to be hanging with daddy.
Daddy is going to be watching 2 little kiddos.
And tonight: THE MAIN EVENT:
a girl sleepover at Aunt Emys- the girls have beeen talking about it nonstop for a few days now.
Sophia wanted to pack her bags as soon as she woke up this morning!
We will see how Ella is feeling tonight. 
She is SO SO SO sad that she might miss it.
and my agenda for today: sewing!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Card

With Love Blue Christmas 5x7 folded card
Turn your pictures into personalized Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feelin Crafty

 By now you should know that I LOVE doing crafty things.
I read several craft blogs and have about 10 projects that I am dying to make at any given time.
I SO enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and sewing, gluing, cutting, painting..
I really think it is a de-stresser for me. 
I feel relaxed when I am doing something creative.
And amazingly my kids leave me alone for the most part.
If they do come around, I just give them a paintbrush and let them go at it...
usually its easy to clean up.

Today, I got together with some old friends that I havent seen in forever and we traded cookies, drank coffee and made this adorable craft that I found here
It was such a great time!

 Here are the finished products on our tree-  I LOVE how they look translucent and colorful and bright!
I am trying to make more for gift tags to give to family and friends! 

On another creative note, I found these two vases discounted deeply 
at Joanne's and had to scoop them up. I put natural elements in them- 
found out in my back yard and couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sneek Peek

I am using these 2 photos in my free shutterfly Christmas cards this year. plus a few others:) They turned out SO very cute even though my sweet friend Megan could not take them:) They would have been even better if she did them! But regardless, I still LOVE them and they look so good with the colors of the card- I think this is my favorite Christmas card of all this year!
I have been doing some much needed redecorating in my bedroom and I am loving how it is coming out- I just need a reading chair for next to the bookshelf, a reading lamp and a flat screen tv to hang on the wall:) not much at all right:) Plus I need to replace Kenny Rogers in the cute frame above our bed that I found at a yard sale for 50 cents. Kenny Rogers has no place in our bedroom.:)
Today was a busy day with 4 ladies and their children coming over for ladies coffee- it was SO fun! I just look forward to those events so much even though it means I'm running like crazy to clean everything to make it look presentable:)
I sold a toy today on Craigslist and actually made $5 off it. I got it at a yard sale for $5 and then the kids grew tired of it so I sold it for $10- and someone picked it up today! WOW! Maybe I should start a business:) another nice thing was that she didnt have the right change so she asked if I'd take a check- of course I said yes and she came back with 3 gifts cards to Chipotle (she works for them) for free burritos! She said it was for the inconvenience:) Can you believe that! What a great sale:) 
Ella is at a friends house for the afternoon and was SO excited to go ALL BY HERSELF! She really enjoys those kinds of things... when she gets to do them alone! I think it makes her feel so special. 
So, Elijah should be sleeping but I can hear the patter of little feet so I better go and see what mischief he has gotten into!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

sophia sleeping

Sophia was 4 here and she was watching a movie and fell asleep sitting upright in a chair! And please pardon the VERY messy house- I just had a newborn baby!

Elijah loves Daddy

I just figured out how to get all my cool VADO videos to my blog-
FINALLY!! So now I am posting some old but good ones!

Wii bowling

Marks parents let us borrow their Wii for a little. The girls LOVE it!! Arianna loves bowling and Sophia loves tennis- she is actually really good at it! They are learning! Ella mainly throws gutter balls but has fun!
 Sophia loves to wear her hair in braids!
 This morning while I have been on the internet Ella lined up all her little animals and told me the names of each one! Pretty impressive task!
 I asked Elijah to smile nicely for the camera just now..

Thoughts Today...

1. I need coffee- we ran out and I havent had a cup yet this morning.. the van is on empty and Mark has the debit card- hence no money, no gas and NO COFFEE!!! ahhh!!and to top it all off, my friends on Facebook made me aware that Starbucks has buy one get one bags of Christmas blend today only!!!
( I made sure to tell my dear husband this and he just told me that he will try to drop off some coffee for me if he gets a chance to slip away today- what an amazing guy!)

2. I have been wasting time on the internet this morning looking at all these cute blogs and even cuter home decorating idea. I am becoming envious and depressed. Isnt that crazy how focusing on what I "wish" my house looked like could create such horrible sin in my thought life.. ugh! Time to refocus on all the MANY blessings I have and be content with what God has given me which is a HUGE truckload of BLESSINGS! I love my home and it doesnt really matter how "stylish" it is- it is filled with happy memories and fun times with all the people that I love most in life! What could be better than that!

3. I have finished 2 strands of felt garland for my Christmas tree- its coming along and is super cute- only about 150 more little felt circles to sew.. do you think I'll finish by Christmas? I have been sewing them while I watch 24- Season 6! (we recently got Netflix and I LOVE it)  We are getting rid of cable- $50 a month vs $10 a month- its worth it! Plus my kids wont see any commercials and Netflix has SO many good wholesome kids shows! We are hooked!

4. Ella and Elijah have been getting along so well lately! Its so nice not to have to be a policewoman all day long, breaking up fights,etc.. Also Mark has been gone till 6pm most nights lately doing interviews at Valor for extra money (usually he's home by 4- I KNOW I am a LUCKY woman) - so I have had the kids all to myself ALL day long and amazingly, I am really not stressing over it- they are getting along nicely and playing well and its been nice to just relax and sit with them. They are all growing up and I can see it more and more by how well they are starting to get along and how they can resolve problems themselves rather than fighting or telling all the time. Its pretty cool...

5. We found a new song that we have been listening to as a family and it is SO amazing!! The little kids have already learned the chorus of it- because I play it all the time- and it so cute hearing them sing about Christ's victory over death and the hope it gives me as a believer! Here is the song... listen to it and meditate on the awesome truth that we are alive with Christ because of His victory over death and sin! There is no sting in death.. because CHRIST is RISEN!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

Delicious food, 
good conversations, 
warm house filled with those you love!
Thankful Hearts!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where's Waldo (I mean Ella) ?

On Thanksgiving , Marks mom wanted to get a family picture for her holiday cards this year.
We attempted it several times and this was the best of 2 that we got
notice Ella- 
we all couldnt stop laughing after seeing this!!!
and YES- Lina used this one for her family photo card!
It will make everyone smile:)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am ThAnKfUl for..

Ella Bella
( I talk a LOT about those people listed above so my list will include things not about them)
The GOSPEL that has transformed my life and to CHRIST who made it possible
My mom for giving me life and for inspiring me more than words can say:)
My dad who passed on to me a love for cooking and cake decorating! ( I miss him SO much)
A step dad who loves me and is a human encyclopedia! He knows everything!
A brother and step siblings who still keep in touch even though we are miles away..
a BAZILLION CUTE and COOL nephews and nieces!
Super inlaws who give me a break from cooking every Sunday!
Emy who scours the internet for me:)
Tina and Matt who motivate me to get a tattoo- SOMEDAY!
FRIENDS- you all know who you are!!You guys ROCK..
A home that keeps us warm and where memories are built!
the ability to stay at home and do whatever my heart desires:)
health that enables me to do what my heart desires..
a minivan that carts us all around
Little Basil- my new favorite cheap Thai restaurant that satisfies my cravings
my sewing machine- it rocks!
Apps on my phone that babysit my children
Colorado weather
lots of cute HIGH heeled shoes! I really like shoes 
reading others blogs- they inspire me to be creative!
a HUGE meal and fun with family to come soon....
HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg!!!

p.s. please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what I am thankful for- just a small portion that came to the top of my head this morning;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gimme a break

Thanksgiving Break is 5 days in for us (yes, the kids have been off all weekend and all week!) 
Here is what we have been up to- 
We set up the Christmas tree- YES, I know its before Thanksgiving and Mark gave me the hardest time since we usually do it the day after Thanksgiving, but I was SO in the Christmas mood this week! 

This year, I got the kids these cute clay stockings and 
wrote their names on them- they were $1 at Big lots!! 
(our tradition is to get each of the kids an ornament every year and 
when they are grown, they can have all their ornaments for their tree)
Our tree is FILLED with ornaments that were mine when I was little- 
mom did one for us every year till we were about 6 or 7 (and she sewed them all!)
And as a highlight to my tree this year, she gave me all 
these old wooden ornaments that are SO vintage- from when I was a kid- I LOVE them! 
I remember playing with them when Justin and I were little- we would act out all these scenes on our Christmas tree with  the ornaments! It was fun!
The kids have also made a Christmas countdown paper chain and 
look forward to breaking one off every morning! 
32 days left! 
Grandma in PA also sent them the chocolate countdown calendars 
that my Grandma always used to get me when I was a kid:) 
They cant wait till Dec 1st to start opening the doors!

 (Elijah was still recovering from being sick, so he went to bed early that night- 
I will get a pic with him and his ornament soon:)

Another thing we have been doing is this cool Thanksgiving pack thing that I downloaded for free.
It was filled with the story of Thanksgiving and all these Bible verses, songs, crafts amd recipes to retell and remember why we have Thanksgiving! I have loved doing it with the kids.
We made homemade playdough below...
Notice the girls outfits- oh my! They wanted to wear their Christmas dresses- whatever:)
 We also made these cute little placecard Mayflower boats 
for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at Grandmas! 
They turned out SO cute!!
We have a whole fleet of about 20 of them!
Its gonna be a fun Thanksgiving!
I am making my moms recipe for mashed potatoes 
and a new recipe that I found for sweet potatoes!
 We have stayed home all week except to go to the park...
Its nice not having tons to do and just hanging at home.
The kids seem to like it too!
Although around 4 o clock, they are ready for Daddy to get home!

 And the last thing I have been very busy with is crafting:) 
I am working on making a LOT of Christmas gifts this year to save money and whats better than a gift that was handmade with love:) I have all the girls friends gifts almost made and the girls have helped me make them!! and they turned out AWESOME!! I cant wait to get pictures up of what I've made but it will have to be right around Christmas so I dont spoil the surprise! 

I also have been working on this CUTE garland for our tree- every year I do a gold  theme for our tree but this year I am doing a BRIGHT rainbowish color tree- its SO pretty- 
I found all these colorful balls last year for like $1after Christmas. 
I do not have garland so I found this idea below on a blog and have been sewing away.
But I am very happy with the result!
It just might take me till next Christmas to get it all done- 
right now, I just have one strand done for the top of the tree- 
I want to make 3 more strands but they will have to be longer than the one before 
which means they will TAKE longer!
I also need to get white on the tree- 
any suggestions for what to add that I could make? or that is inexpensive?
I am thinking white fabric stars..

So that is what we have been up to this week of Thanksgiving Break!
Daddy is home today and we are going out to lunch with Grandpa so the kids are greatly looking forward to that! so am I!!