Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sew Cute!

For the possibly thousand giveaways on blogs that I have entered, I won the other day!!!!! a cute colorful shirt from Sara! She has the cutest most colorful blog I've seen! I REALLY want one of her paintings for my dining room wall... Click here to see her blog!

In other news, Marks parents and Alex are in Bolivia.. they left 2 Monday's ago! The kids miss them. We had them over before they left for dinner and to give them their gifts.. here are some CUTE pictures!

I am very behind in blogging and reading blogs. SO much sewing for Christmas presents lately! Its very fun though! I just LOVE sewing- its my new favorite thing! My friend Mel, sewed Ella an adorable apron for Christmas and I think I am going to try to make one today- for myself and for a gift.
I really should be taking pictures of my finished products so I can post them after Christmas for all to see!  I am off to a sewing shop today to see about a class or maybe just a whole bunch of supplies for my sewing obsession! I have a gift card!!! 
The twins will be going to a little girl Christmas Party this morning. 
Ella has a little fever and a cough and will be home with daddy.
Elijah is going to be hanging with daddy.
Daddy is going to be watching 2 little kiddos.
And tonight: THE MAIN EVENT:
a girl sleepover at Aunt Emys- the girls have beeen talking about it nonstop for a few days now.
Sophia wanted to pack her bags as soon as she woke up this morning!
We will see how Ella is feeling tonight. 
She is SO SO SO sad that she might miss it.
and my agenda for today: sewing!

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Danielle C. Kraemer said...

i LOVE sewing too. i myself have been wicked into it lately. i am in the middle of making a blanket from all my scraps. =] i have soo many fun plans for this winter. =]