Thursday, December 2, 2010

 Sophia loves to wear her hair in braids!
 This morning while I have been on the internet Ella lined up all her little animals and told me the names of each one! Pretty impressive task!
 I asked Elijah to smile nicely for the camera just now..

Thoughts Today...

1. I need coffee- we ran out and I havent had a cup yet this morning.. the van is on empty and Mark has the debit card- hence no money, no gas and NO COFFEE!!! ahhh!!and to top it all off, my friends on Facebook made me aware that Starbucks has buy one get one bags of Christmas blend today only!!!
( I made sure to tell my dear husband this and he just told me that he will try to drop off some coffee for me if he gets a chance to slip away today- what an amazing guy!)

2. I have been wasting time on the internet this morning looking at all these cute blogs and even cuter home decorating idea. I am becoming envious and depressed. Isnt that crazy how focusing on what I "wish" my house looked like could create such horrible sin in my thought life.. ugh! Time to refocus on all the MANY blessings I have and be content with what God has given me which is a HUGE truckload of BLESSINGS! I love my home and it doesnt really matter how "stylish" it is- it is filled with happy memories and fun times with all the people that I love most in life! What could be better than that!

3. I have finished 2 strands of felt garland for my Christmas tree- its coming along and is super cute- only about 150 more little felt circles to sew.. do you think I'll finish by Christmas? I have been sewing them while I watch 24- Season 6! (we recently got Netflix and I LOVE it)  We are getting rid of cable- $50 a month vs $10 a month- its worth it! Plus my kids wont see any commercials and Netflix has SO many good wholesome kids shows! We are hooked!

4. Ella and Elijah have been getting along so well lately! Its so nice not to have to be a policewoman all day long, breaking up fights,etc.. Also Mark has been gone till 6pm most nights lately doing interviews at Valor for extra money (usually he's home by 4- I KNOW I am a LUCKY woman) - so I have had the kids all to myself ALL day long and amazingly, I am really not stressing over it- they are getting along nicely and playing well and its been nice to just relax and sit with them. They are all growing up and I can see it more and more by how well they are starting to get along and how they can resolve problems themselves rather than fighting or telling all the time. Its pretty cool...

5. We found a new song that we have been listening to as a family and it is SO amazing!! The little kids have already learned the chorus of it- because I play it all the time- and it so cute hearing them sing about Christ's victory over death and the hope it gives me as a believer! Here is the song... listen to it and meditate on the awesome truth that we are alive with Christ because of His victory over death and sin! There is no sting in death.. because CHRIST is RISEN!

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Erika said...

Thanks for sharing....I love hearing about your day-to-day.