Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy {Preteen} Birthday to my twins!

Sophia and Arianna turned eleven this week! 
Hard to believe that I have been a mom for 11 years- feels a lot longer! 
 We enjoyed our traditional birthday breakfast 
than spent the day hanging out and dinner at Red Robins.
 The next day, they had friends over for pizza and cake and we all went to Lakeside till 10:30PM and then had a big sleepover. It was fun. 

 Bemis Library gives free tickets to Lakeside which is awesome and I never used to use them because I thought the park was so old, but the last 2 years, we have gone and the kids have LOVED it! (doesn't matter to them how old the park is and you can't beat free!)

 The vintage signs are super cool! 

 The kids brought their GoPro camera on all the rides- we have TONS of footage! 
Here is a cool video I made:)

 We also celebrated with our MC this week and the twins little friend, "J", baked them brownies.

We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa as well...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Colorado Family Vacation Part Three: Zapata Falls and Sand Dunes Pool Hot Springs

 A short while from the Sand Dunes is a cool little Hike to Zapata Falls. It is super short and upon arriving you think that the little waterfall is all there is. Well, we were told if we waded through the rushing stream (up to our calves) that we could enter the cave and see the real falls. I guess in the summer, its not like this (a little less water). 

 It was scary but we made it- 
Ella was not happy about it at all. 
The sound in the cave was crazy loud! 

 After the dunes and the waterfall, we were tired and sore and the Sand Dunes Pool was the perfect spot to relax! The pool is 98 degrees and is fed by a natural hot spring that they need to actually cool in order to swim in! It felt SOOO good on our sore muscles. The weather got pretty cloudy and the mountains looked amazing as the backdrop! 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Colorado Family Vacation: Part Two- Great National Sand Dunes

 The Great National Sand Dunes were one of those amazing places that you just have to see! Pictures don't do it justice. Such a fun morning exploring here! The sand is so smooth and just like the kind you would find at a beach in Florida, but these are in the valley between a river and mountains.

The river was so strange. Waves would form and rush at you then, it would be very shallow. 
The kids loved it- but it was COLD! 

The vastness of this place is hard to even describe. We hiked about 2 hours into it and didn't even touch the surface. People were like little black ants when we got to tops of ridges. It was just amazing. 

It was very windy! 

Do you see all those black specks behind Elijah? Those are people! 

There was an awfully lot of sand stuck in pockets/hoodies/underwear. It was hilarious! 
 If you are ever near Salida in Colorado- go check them out! You will NOT be disappointed.