Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing! Here's what we have been up to... 
 Sophia started guitar lessons! 
 Mark and I had a great date to a show downtown and thanks to the generosity of my PTO peeps, enjoyed a fancy dinner as well! The kids got to spend the night at Jon and Franki's house and of course had a blast! 

 Uncle Kenny and Aunt Mary moved to Colorado and we enjoyed a nice lunch and drive to Daniel's Park, 
 Our pet bunny, Daisy, died. We have decided to forgo bunnies for a while seeing as they die on us. So, the kids got pet mice on Craigslist. They love them! 
As long as they clean the cages... I don't mind one bit. 

The weather has been HOT! And we have been having beautiful sunsets! 

We have been enjoying lots of bike rides on the trail by our house.

Our MC has lots of summer birthdays so it's been fun celebrating! 
 Aunt Sonya came and visited from Italy. It was wonderful seeing her! 

We have been having LOADS of playdates and sleepovers- just the way summer should be! 

 Our missionary friends came home for the summer and we had a big party to welcome them back:) 

 Our dear friends, the Lees, threw a summer kickoff party- and it was MESSY!! 
Love their creativity and heart for our community:) 
So blessed that they are neighbors and even better friends! 

Sophia and Elijah got cool haircuts! 

We celebrated Father's Day for the first time in 5 years (Mark is usually in Africa) 

 Got to go out to the new Farmhouse Restaurant with friends
 Babysat this cutie! 

 Started Summer Movie Nights outside in our backyard.. so fun! 

 We LOVE summer and look forward to another month and a half of it! 

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