Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Behind the Scenes Tour at the Denver Zoo

Our dear friends, Trish and Davin, arranged for us to have a behind the scenes tour with Trish's brother who helps run the zoo. It was a really cool experience- one that we won't forget anytime soon. 
 The first stop was to see where the Komodo dragons live. We saw where they kept the baby dragons and opened the pen to the adult display. He moved really quickly over to say hi to us:) 

 The next stop was the seal/sea lion building. 
 We got to see what they eat and they brought out a sea lion for us to visit with. 

 We got to see the hyenas and watch them feed them milk in a squirty bottle. 
 The lions were pretty awesome! They were SO big up close! 

 And for me, the coolest was getting to pet the rhino. He was HUGE and felt like tree bark. 

It was such a fun experience! 

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