Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Colorado Family Vacation Part Three: Zapata Falls and Sand Dunes Pool Hot Springs

 A short while from the Sand Dunes is a cool little Hike to Zapata Falls. It is super short and upon arriving you think that the little waterfall is all there is. Well, we were told if we waded through the rushing stream (up to our calves) that we could enter the cave and see the real falls. I guess in the summer, its not like this (a little less water). 

 It was scary but we made it- 
Ella was not happy about it at all. 
The sound in the cave was crazy loud! 

 After the dunes and the waterfall, we were tired and sore and the Sand Dunes Pool was the perfect spot to relax! The pool is 98 degrees and is fed by a natural hot spring that they need to actually cool in order to swim in! It felt SOOO good on our sore muscles. The weather got pretty cloudy and the mountains looked amazing as the backdrop! 

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