Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The last ones first day

My little four year old started preschool today. Hard to believe that he is old enough to leave my side and venture out by himself into the great unknown! I was worried that he would be timid and afraid. When the door opened, he marched right in with a smile on his face and wave of his little hand. I walked to the van in tears. It was such a surreal moment- saying goodbye to the last little bird to leave the nest! He will go to preschool 3 days a week and only for 3 hours a day so its not too bad for me! It definitely is happy and sad. A few hours a week to myself sounds pretty awesome but I will miss his little hand in mine while I run errands. I will miss his endless questions and chatting in the car as we drive. He's a pretty cool little guy to have around, but I am SO very happy for this little burst of independence getting him ready one baby step at a time for the great big world!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

 This parade is by far my favorite parade in CO:) It takes place in Littleton right around the time school starts and is so family friendly and has lots of western flair- particularly TONS of horses. Its cool. We have gone ever since arriving in CO. They have lots of booths set up which are fun to browse. The girls got face painting at one booth and this lady was AMAZING! It was also free which was a huge plus!

 Our dear friends the Halls live about a block away from the Main Street, so this year, they had us over for donuts and we got great parking! I love the home town feel to this parade- our elementary school walks in it and it was awesome to see the girls principal, their 2nd grade teacher and their new 3rd grade teacher! Makes me feel like we live in a small town which we really dont! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Natalia : {2 Week Photoshoot}

Natalia : {2 Week Photoshoot}

 Excited to be able to shoot my new little niece. I am no professional photographer but am slowly trying to get better. This Tuesday, I get to attend a DSLR photography class to learn more about my camera and how to use it. Photography is one thing that I just LOVE to do and maybe I could use it as a means of income once the kiddos are all in school. My other (realistic) "dream job"is to open a coffee cart stand and travel around to businesses/offices and make lattes:) I have always wanted to open a bed and breakfast but dont think that will be fulfilled for many more years, if ever. But a girl can dream!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer is drawing to an end

We have had an amazing summer and it is now coming to a close. I like the change in seasons and activities. We are ready in this household! The nights and mornings are getting so cold- I love it.
 School starts on Monday for the twins and Ella. They are very excited! I am serving on the PTO board this year as Vice President and I am excited to get into the school year and start working! We had our first PTO meeting the other night. I love that I can get so involved as a parent and spend so much time with the people who my girls are with many hours in a day. And the girls LOVE to see me in their school- its so important to them! Then Elijah starts on the 27th of August.
Here are a few (or should I say many) Instagram pics from the last few weeks..  Littleton's Carousel of Music, date night, and the Lutz girls ballet recital... such fun times!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mt. Falcon Hiking Birthday Party

 This past Saturday our family was invited to celebrate Maddie's 8th birthday with a hike to Mt. Falcon.
I just LOVE living in CO so close to the mountains which have some great hiking! 
The trail was easy and beautiful.
 All the girls brought an animal to hike along with them:) 
 Lijah and I checking out some cool rocks.

 The shelter where we had the picnic birthday lunch was SUPER cool- it hung out over a cliff and the view of the mountains was amazing! Further up the mountain, there was a great overlook where you could see downtown!

It was a fun afternoon celebrating a GREAT friend!