Friday, August 17, 2012

Natalia : {2 Week Photoshoot}

Natalia : {2 Week Photoshoot}

 Excited to be able to shoot my new little niece. I am no professional photographer but am slowly trying to get better. This Tuesday, I get to attend a DSLR photography class to learn more about my camera and how to use it. Photography is one thing that I just LOVE to do and maybe I could use it as a means of income once the kiddos are all in school. My other (realistic) "dream job"is to open a coffee cart stand and travel around to businesses/offices and make lattes:) I have always wanted to open a bed and breakfast but dont think that will be fulfilled for many more years, if ever. But a girl can dream!


Rob H said...

Great job, Chas! And I think you could rock out with that coffee cart idea :)


Christine said...

Great minds think alike. I am working on a portable cupcake stand and selling cupcakes/cakepops to the local coffee shops.