Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to Elijah

 My youngest child is 5 today! Where has the time gone? 
We are so blessed that God gave us a boy! 
His boundless energy, energetic spirit, sweet smile, super cool fight moves and funny personality 
add some much needed spunk to our family:) 
We love you, Elijah, and thank God that he has given you to us for these past 5 years! 
Elijah turns one! 

Elijah turns 2! 

 Elijah turns 3! 

 Elijah turns 4! 

And just because I LOVE walking down memory lane...
two days before he came! 
He was so alert right away and had a TOn of hair:) 

7lbs 9 oz (3rd smallest)  and the longest labor of all the kiddos (7 hours) 
LOVEd by his sisters! Sophia and Arianna were 3 (almost 4) and Ella was 18 months

Fourth of July- 4 kids - 3 and under! 

He very quickly chunked up!

His pal from infancy- Clara!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 18- Mark is Home!

Reunited at last:) Happy Kiddos! Happy Wife!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Days 16 and 17- Mark gets ready to travel home/ Bear Creek Lake and sleepover fun

 Thursday, I took the kids to Bear Creek Lake. Its the closest to a beach that we're gonna get. 
The kids love playing in the sand and digging holes that they fill with water that turns to muddy water. 
The plus side to that mess, is that I get to sit and relax for hours:) 
Its been so hot here lately. 

Thursday night, Mr. Cam and Ms. Ada had the kiddos over for dinner and they slept over. They went to a park, walked the dogs, ate ice cream, had waffles, went to the Cherry Creek Reservoir to swim, went to Wendy's for lunch. It was a pretty fun filled adventure! They said "Mr. Cam was so fun and full of surprises".  Then, Ashlie took the kiddos till dinnertime on Friday. They went swimming and played. So, I had a whole 24 hours to myself! It was so fun and very quiet and relaxing:) So blessed to have these people in my life!

Mark spent the day in Nairobi and then flew to London where they had a bus tour of the city. Cannot wait to see pictures of his adventures when he returns!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days 14 and 15- Mark at Children of Hope/ Swimming Galore

 The past 2 days have been full of chlorine water, sunscreen and fun! 

Yesterday, we went and saw Mr. Popper's Penguins at the Southglenn movie theatre. 
They do summer movies for $1 and it was a great movie. I liked it. 
We did some swimming at our pool in the afternoon and then I was able to meet up with our community Group ladies for our Bible Study and it was wonderful! 
Julie came and watched the kiddos and took them to get frozen yogurt and everything! 
She's one cool babysitter in their book:) Plus, they even got to ride in her new car:) 

Today, I watched Zabrina and Tytan all day and wore them out:) 
We swam for around 3 hours and the kids didn't get out of the pool once.
They all got along pretty well with the occasional squabble but nothing major:) 
 Tonight, Josh and Jen invited us over for a pizza dinner and swimming at their pool.
But not before some quick wrestling/tickling/punching/piling with Mr. Josh! 

The kids loved swimming with baby Gideon and loved a new pool to check out. 

 Gideon was cracking me up! 
He would lay back in the water and float and Jen would swirl him around and he loved it! 
No fear! 
 The twins basically spent the whole time jumping off the diving boord over and over again. 
They did get in some "keep away" with Mr. Josh. 

They will sleep well tonight.

Mark is coming to the end of his trip. The past 2 days were spent at the Children of Hope Orphanage. It is more rural so we haven't been able to "see" each other much. We can text which is nice. The team has been helping around the orphanage- playing endless games of kickball, soccer, catch with the kids and helping with the farming. They are waking up now and will head to Nairobi today and spend the day in the city. Then the next day, they will hop on a plane for London. Have a 10 hour layover (they are doing a bus tour of London- so cool) Then an 8 or so hour trip to Denver! They will arrive Saturday night! Cant wait!!!!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13- Mark Builds a House in Kitali/ Ari gets her haircut, fun with friends

 Arianna got her hair cut today. To those of you who struggle to tell the twins apart, now it will be very easy:) She looks very different from Sophia. This was all her idea and she really wanted her bangs back. Personally, I love her in bangs. It fits her personality well. 

 We were able to spend the day with friends today. 
The kids had fun playing at Maddie and Clara's house and 
Erika and I enjoyed discussing the Bible Study we are working thru. It was very encouraging. 
The Fish Fam invited us over for dinner tonight and Arianna and Sophia are sleeping over, which they are SO very excited about:) The day went fast. Only 5 days and Mark will be home! 

Maddie is teaching Sophia how to knit:) 

Mark and the team built another house today in Kitali. He should be calling soon:) Peace out! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Days 11 and 12- I MISS MARK!!!

I am to the point today, where I miss him A LOT and want him home. The kids are doing great and are behaving well, overall. My family and friends are all so supportive and helpful. I am not meaning to sound ungrateful. I just miss Mark's face. I miss his presence. I miss being able to hold his hand and kiss. I miss driving next to him in the car. I miss cooking for him. I miss talking in bed at night when all the kiddos are asleep. I miss watching The Office reruns with him over and over. Today was the first day that tears were shed on my part. Saturday cannot come soon enough! 

This weekend was nice. It was slow which was good. I spent much time in the Word this weekend and it truly refreshes the weary soul. It is quick and powerful! Praising God for showing me more about Himself, my sin and the Gospel thru my study. 

Saturday morning, I woke up to a VERY quiet house. Grandma and Grandpa took the kids overnight Friday. (THANK YOU guys so much!) I can't remember the last time I stayed in the house all alone without any other human being in it. It was sorta scary  I was able to meet some girlfriends bright and early for breakfast at TOAST in downtown Littleton for a few hours. It was wonderful. I then walked around downtown with Rob and Julie for a bit. Stopped in at a new little tea shop and met the owner, Carol, who educated me and helped me pick out a nice organic earl grey loose leaf tea. 
(Think I'll be visiting there more often)
The kids had a BLAST with Grandma and Grandpa and came home with lots of fun stories and explorations to tell! 

Today is Father's Day and we were able to spend time with Grandpa. 
We are so blessed to have him in our lives. 
Thanks for all the time you spend with the kids making them feel so loved and special! 

I love that little Natalia is in the corner of this pic:) She is just the cutest little baby! So much fun! 
I am also reminded of my dad, today. I miss him. He will be gone 15 years this August and those memories I have from my childhood are very sweet and precious. I wish he could have met my husband and my children. He would have loved them. 

And I cannot forget my step-dad, Tim. He entered my life in my teens and loved me like his own daughter. He showed me Christ and what true love looks and acts like. 
Wish I could be in PA today to give him a hug:) 

We will celebrate Father's Day with Mark, next Sunday!
Love you, babe, and thank you for being a "daddy whose in the mix" and showing our children by example the love of our Heavenly Father! 
love this old picture:) 

Tonight, Elijah knew I was sad and he told me that he will be the daddy since he is the only boy in our house right now. He rubbed my back and told me that he will sleep in his bed half tonight and then come in and cuddle me the other half since daddy is gone. Love that kid:) And he really likes carrots lately. It's a weird fact but true. He eats them every day when he wants a snack. Hopefully he will have good eyesight. 

Mark has been busy this weekend with Vacation Bible School (500 kids) and preaching. They gave him a live chicken after he preached his sermon as a gift and thank you. Mark said they will probably butcher it and eat it together. We got to wish him a Happy Father's Day today, briefly. Monday (basically now) they will build another home in Kitali. Please pray that God will continue to grant safety to their team and opportunities to share the Gospel.