Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Days 6 and 7- Mark to Maasai School and Safari/ Hanging at Franklin Pool, sleepover, swimming and dinner at the Mondragons

 Monday, we met Erika and her girls at Franklin Pool for 4 hours.
It was wonderful! 
The kids played and played in the water.
 Franklin Pool has a great water slide and a diving board as well as a kiddie pool area and splash pad. 
We spent most our time in the big pool.

To go down the slide, you must be able to swim to the flags and you cannot wear floaties. Ella desperately wanted to go down and finally summoned the courage. She did awesome! She swam to me waiting at the flags and it was so cool! She also got the courage up to jump off the diving board. It was pretty high and you go deep under. But she did it! She did panic near the end but made it! 

 Monday night, Erika and the girls slept over since Ryan was out of town.  
We rented movies and ate popcorn. It was fun! 

 Tuesday morning we stayed at home and swam for a few hours. 
It has been so hot the past 2 days- near 100! 
SO thankful for a cool pool.
We hit up Bemis library in the afternoon and picked up our first set of prizes! 
Free chickfila kids meal, free skate city pass, heritage square coupon and pizza doodle free kids meal.
 Tuesday night, the Mondragons invited us over for dinner. 
Mel even watched the kiddos for me and I got a little time alone which was wonderful! 

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