Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 2- Mark Travels all day and Arrives in Kenya / Library reading programs and Cherry Knolls Park

This morning we hit up 3 libraries and registered for their reading programs. 
Sophia is already on her 7th chapter book and summer just started. They all love reading so much. 
We chilled at home this afternoon and then hit up the pizza place for dinner and then went to Cherry Knolls Park to do some after dinner wading in the creek. 
The weather was gorgeous today! 

 The kids really enjoy exploring at Cherry Knolls Park. 
Its pretty sandy over all and it does not get very deep at all. 
There are a bunch of little waterfalls that the kids LOVE to climb all over. 
Elijah did cut his toe a bit on the rock but other then that, we were injury free. 

 The park area has a tire swing, big kid and baby kid swings and 2 different play structures. 
It is a pretty busy park seeing as there are fields all around it where lots of kids sports take place. 

 My goal this summer is to try to visit a different park all summer long and blog about them. I absolutely LOVE Denver because of the variety of very cool and fun parks- many with water features! 

Our sink started leaking and Mark's kind mom brought over one of her friends tonight to look at it. 
He found a little rubber ring that needed replacing and it is now fixed!
 So thankful because dishes were taking me forever with the leak. 
And it was fun to see Grandma tonight, even just for a short time:) 

 I just got off the phone (Google hangout) with Mark- it is morning in Kenya. 10 pm here. 7am there (tomorrow) weird how time zones are:) He got a good night sleep and while we are sleeping in Denver they will be in an orientation meeting and then doing some shopping in the market. I am glad they have a low key day planned. It will help them ease into the business that will follow. You can follow their team blog here if you wish. Hopefully they will get to upload pics on it- that is my favorite part:)

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