Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday To My Little Man!

Ready to give birth to my ONLY BOY!

He was just perfect

couldnt be more happy

Ella LOVED baby Elijah

3 months old

6 months old

9 months old

1yr old

Happy1st Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday

my little explorer
We are enjoying all the little quirks that make you- YOU
especially your "trick" of locking the car door everytime we stop somewhere,
 the way you make that cute little noise when you are thinking in the middle of a story,
 the LONG stories you tell all about monsters, 
your cranky-ness in the morning till you eat breakfast and your tummys full
your love for Monsters Inc., 
your fights with daddy.."1,2,3,9,10,11- I won!" 
the way you ALWAYS put your undies on backwards,
how you LOVE to snuggle with us in our bed,
your BIG SQUEEZY hugs,
your raspy little voice,
your never tiring kisses,
your love to play outdoors,
the way you call Arianna and Sophia "sisters"
the way you hold Ella's hands when the "Friends" song comes on in the car
We could go on and on and on about the things we love about you! 
We are proud of you and we love you, Lij! 
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

 Mark is home and all is right with the world! 
Lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses were shared! 
I havent left his side yet- aahh!

 Daddy brought us lots of treasures from a far away land- wooden carved animals, little wooden saucers and spoons, carved wooden beaded necklaces, African garb,
 a cool African sling purse for me and LOTS of jewelry, most of which was made by the ladies of HEART which helps them make a living! 

My skirt was handmade by an African seamstress and Mark even picked out the fabric!
 He has good taste! I love it! 

We have been having a GREAT day today lounging around, looking at 1000's of pictures and videos from Africa and later going to play in the water and possibly a date with just Mark and I tonight! 
Its a good day and its good to have him home! 
This week will be filled with rest- 
seeing as Mark has traveled 33 hours with little sleep 
and needs to get used to the time difference!
And just hanging around with the man I love sounds absolutely WONDERFUL to me!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Journal Update: Day 16 of 17

We had a fun day with Grandma and Grandpa again today- it has been SOO hot out here lately, so we went over to play in the river near their house- it was a tad scary but fun at the same time! Its sorta creepy not being able to see your feet and wondering whats lurking in the rocks:) 
But thats part of the adventure, right?! 
I am SO thankful for some pretty awesome inlaws who love having the kids over and try to create adventures for them and memories that I know my kids will look back on with fondness.
We went home after lunch and cupcakes, and Elijah took a nap. After supper, we went out to get frozen yogurt- the thing I crave almost every day.. and we took it over to Civic Park to eat and play. They had a fun ballet company there doing a show so we watched it for a while as we ate. Then the kids played till the sun went down- it was 9:15 when we got home and they went right to sleep!

I talked with Mark for the last time tonight on Skype! They are headed to church in Kenya and then its off to the airport after lunch and then a quick flight to Ethiopia and then a 17 hour flight to Washington D.C. and then a 5 hour flight to Denver! They get in Monday afternoon around 1! 
I am beyond excited and cannot help smiling when I think of our reunion! 
Please keep him in prayer.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Journal Update: Day 15 of 17

 I know, the posts and pictures are getting shorter... we are ready to be done with this journal:) 
Today was HOT! 
Grandma called and invited us to lunch and a movie (Rio) and we gladly took her up on the offer.
We even spent some time in the library- registering for another reading program- we are doing 4 now! yikes! But GREAT prizes are the incentive! From the Englewood library we already got a free pass to Belleview farm and mini golf at Cornerstone Park- which we will be doing once Mark returns! 
Grandma even took the kiddos to the park while I ran to 
Once Upon a Child to get Elijah some used toys for his birthday- yep, he's the 4th kid:) 
But he will love them just the same!
 When we got home tonight around 8:30pm, another surprise awaited little Elijah- a birthday card from Aunt Diane and a birthday package from Grandma in Pennsylvania! 
He LOVED being the center of attention as lots of little hands helped him open his gift!

Lij LOVEd his gift- thanks Mom! 
We are anxiously awaiting Monday!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journal Update: Day 14 of 17

 Today Miss Megan took us to...THE SPLASH
Its a great water park in Golden and we had FUN! 

 The twins absolutely shocked me by going down these HUGE slides all by themselves! It sorta made me sad because they are growing up and dont need me to go with them anymore. sniff..

 Megan and I stood under the HUGE bucket of water when it dumped and it hurt-
 the kids wouldnt try it! 
 Our wonderful friends Jon and Franki came over and babysat tonight so we could go out and the kids did not stop talking about all the fun they had with them at the park! Thank you guys SO much for helping our family and giving me a break from the kids! SO thankful for you both!  
 I was able to go eat dinner with Megans family which was a blast and then we went to YOGURTLAND for an after dinner snack..yum!!! 

it was a full day and all the kids went right to sleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillow. I got to talk with Mark tonight and I MISS HIM!!! They are doing "touristy" things for 2 days - (which may even include a championship soccer game between Kenya and Sudan- although not definite yet)  and then headed back on Sunday- its a 17 hour flight to D.C. and then a few more hours to Denver.
We're on the home stretch now!
P.s. My camera is just about down and out- never mind that it has a rubber band holding the batteries in and the display screen doesnt work because a certain 2 yr old dropped it a few years back, but now the button doesnt want to push to take a picture- not sure what the problem is! But getting it to take a picture requires a lot of patience and pretty powerful pointy finger...
I think we are getting closer to our DSLR camera!!!!!!
For that I am excited!
Because you all know I LOVE taking pictures of just about anyone and anything!