Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journal Update: Day 14 of 17

 Today Miss Megan took us to...THE SPLASH
Its a great water park in Golden and we had FUN! 

 The twins absolutely shocked me by going down these HUGE slides all by themselves! It sorta made me sad because they are growing up and dont need me to go with them anymore. sniff..

 Megan and I stood under the HUGE bucket of water when it dumped and it hurt-
 the kids wouldnt try it! 
 Our wonderful friends Jon and Franki came over and babysat tonight so we could go out and the kids did not stop talking about all the fun they had with them at the park! Thank you guys SO much for helping our family and giving me a break from the kids! SO thankful for you both!  
 I was able to go eat dinner with Megans family which was a blast and then we went to YOGURTLAND for an after dinner snack..yum!!! 

it was a full day and all the kids went right to sleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillow. I got to talk with Mark tonight and I MISS HIM!!! They are doing "touristy" things for 2 days - (which may even include a championship soccer game between Kenya and Sudan- although not definite yet)  and then headed back on Sunday- its a 17 hour flight to D.C. and then a few more hours to Denver.
We're on the home stretch now!
P.s. My camera is just about down and out- never mind that it has a rubber band holding the batteries in and the display screen doesnt work because a certain 2 yr old dropped it a few years back, but now the button doesnt want to push to take a picture- not sure what the problem is! But getting it to take a picture requires a lot of patience and pretty powerful pointy finger...
I think we are getting closer to our DSLR camera!!!!!!
For that I am excited!
Because you all know I LOVE taking pictures of just about anyone and anything!

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