Monday, June 13, 2011

Journal Update: Day 4 of 17

 Today we went swimming(whats new! you all are going to get tired of pool pictures by the end of these 2 weeks! This time we had some friends join us and it was SO nice! We are a bit pink tonight though! 

 Today Miss Megan came and over after work for dinner and PeachWave:)!!! 
Frozen yogurt joints are the bomb! 
We let the kids run around and play hide and seek while we enjoyed the breeze and cool evening!

being silly in Target tonight while doing errands
Miss Megan is SO much fun! I'm glad she came today- the kids have been great overall until today! There was SO much arguing and fighting and hurt feelings and tears.. it gets tiring pretty fast!
Nice to have some backup and an adult to talk to!
In other news, Lij squeezed his hand in the closet door and has  a nice injury. 
Then he locked my bedroom door with noone inside, 
so thank goodness Megan is a lock expert and after a few minutes popped it for us! 
Other than that, we had a nice thunderstorm right before bed and the rain was soothing. 
Hopefully it will cool it off as well- it was a hot one today.
Check out Marks pic here with two little African twin babies! Pretty cute stuff! 

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Michelle said...

Continuing to pray for you and Mark! But I'm glad you're having so many wonderful adventures in the mean-time. Love you!