Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Starting Summer of Right

lots and lots and lots of swimming

hanging with friends

summer picnics 

great food


drinking in warm evenings full of sunshine
How I adore summer! 
Staying up late each night playing in the back yard
Swimming till we are all pruned and shivering
Enjoying summer treats and great BBQ'd food on the grill
Sleeping in a tad bit
Enjoying having my teacher husband home for the summer (for the most part)

We are enjoying this last week of Mark being home to the fullest! We of course have lots of fun outings planned and the perfect start to this week was a wonderful church service Sunday night- several of the students going on the trip came to hear Mark preach as well as old friends and at the end of the service we had a special time of prayer for the group as a church body.. how moving and encouraging to have the support of the body of Christ! Sophia started crying as we were all huddled together praying.. I think the twins realize more than ever what is happening- that daddy will be gone for a long time and they will miss him, but how encouraging to pull her aside afterward and explain that Daddy has a wonderful opportunity to share Christ, the Gospel, and God's love with kids and people who need it! And that we can TRUST and REST in the fact that God is good and has a plan for Daddys life! Yes, its gonna be hard to be home without him and there will be tears, I am sure:) from me and the kids but God will provide the grace and strength we need here at home as well as in Africa! 
What a great God we serve and how awesome it is to be a part of His plan!!!

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Michelle said...

My favorite picture is the one of all the kiddos sitting around the pool, dipping their feet in! Priceless! P.S. I love summer, too!