Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to the world, Natalia!

Natalia Adelaida Honstein 

Born 7.30.2012 

6 lbs 14 oz. 

19 and a half in.

What a privilege it was to meet our new little niece today. 
Matt and Tina welcomed her into the world last night.
She is the prettiest little baby girl with lots of dark hair! 
 Our children talk of little else but their new little baby cousin! 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue River Campground

 We were able to go camping with a group from Sola Church to Blue River Campground near Silverthorne, CO to camp out for one night. And guess what, I forgot my camera! Grr! So, my cell phone Instagram had to do. We had such a wonderful time even thru the rain! We set up camp right near the river. It was so soothing at night to hear it gurgling away.

When we got there around 3:30pm on Friday it was pretty nice and we got everything set up but very quickly the rain clouds moved in. We were able to get a fire going to cook our hot dogs and corn on the cob and even do some smores. 

We hung around the fire with friends for a little while but it really picked up raining and the kids were drenched and miserable so we went back to our tent and snuggled deep in our sleeping bags and the kids crashed around 9pm. They slept SO well. Around 10:30 or so the rain lifted and I went back to the fire to hang out and chat while Mark stayed with the kids and slept (he was so tired). 

  The next morning it was so pretty and we had coffee, pancakes, and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese- I did all our cooking (like last year) over an open fire and amazingly didn't burn a thing:) It took me forever to make pancakes in my skillet one at a time (I made about 20) But Mark said they were the best of mine that he has ever eaten:)

 The next morning we spent some time playing in the river, 
hiking around the river and making more smores with friends! 

Connie and Rudy Gomez had the BIGGEST marshmallows ever  and a pretty cool hammock to boot.

 Jim ( our campsite neighbor) told us about a car that was at least 40 years old that was stuck in some trees a little bit off the river. We hiked in and found it- it was SO cool! The kids did so good with some more difficult hiking.

 Ella found a bone under the car:)lol

 We packed up around 12:30 and then headed to Beau Jo's for pizza with the Greenes, Halls and Thomas's. After a yummy lunch, we headed up Mt Evans to show Josh and Jen and Julie and Rob the mountain since they are sorta new to CO. Mt Evans is a 14'er (14,000 feet above sea level) and you can actually drive to the top. Of course as we started to climb it was getting cloudy and by the time we were close to the top (above the tree level) it was pouring rain mixed with hail. Let me tell you, that drive is SOOOOOO scary. At times you are headed straight up and you can only see the road turning ahead and sky and clouds- there are sheer cliff drop offs with no guard rails. I was freaking out to say the least. It was terrifying. We didn't even get any good pictures because it was so cloudy and rainy.

As soon as we got off the mountain, we grabbed some Starbucks to calm my nerves and we were home by 5:30pm. I absolutely LOVE the Coloradan mountains but boy, do I also love my bed and shower:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Double the Celebrations!

 We started the twins 8th birthday with the traditional birthday pancake breakfast:) 

We then went to Bear Creek Lake to spend the day in the water and sand.
 They loved it! Val and her two little ones joined us for a little while. 

LOVE this picture! 

We ate dinner at Red Robin and they got sung to by the wait staff which is their favorite:) 
Sunday, we celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Tina, 
Aunt Emy, Alex, Val, Avery and Great Grandma!
The twins got there very own cameras for their birthday! They were beyond excited and I have a very special post to showcase their "talent" in photography.
Grandma also took them to the zoo with their cousins on Monday! 

And then today, they were able to bring 2 friends each to Heritage Square in leu of a party:)
It was a VERY fun day spent with friends getting dizzy in the sun! 

 So glad that Erika could come along and help with all the kiddos and help with transportation. 
And Clara and Elijah and Ella scored having older siblings, because they got to join in on the fun:)

Poor Arianna got pretty sick after the Tilt-a-Whirl. 

 classic scrambler fun