Monday, July 16, 2012

The Fourth

I have not blogged in forever. Busy summer days slip right by and by the time the sun goes down, I am too exhausted to blog. I have been spending SO little time on the computer which makes me happy. We swim all the time. We play with friends. We go to the library. We read a TON. Summer is good.
To recap- here is our 4th of July celebration. The Mondragons hold an annual bash and we attended. Unfortunately, this year we did not see fireworks. Because of the MANY horrible fires in Colorado, they banned fires and fireworks. Bummer but totally understandable.

 Yep, I caught Elijah's first kiss with another girl on my camera! They thought it was hilarious! 
We had a talk that night about waiting to kiss other girls till your MUCH older:)lol 

Fun day! And special thanks to the Mondragons for opening up their backyard to SO many people and SO, SO, SO many kiddos:) I love the spirit of hospitality that family has and its a blessing to serve with them at Sola!

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