Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day


Every Memorial Day, we visit Fort Logan Cemetery and visit Great Grandpa Gomez' grave.
Seeing all the MANY MANY tombstones, makes me so grateful for the men and woman who gave their lives, so I could enjoy America today. I am very grateful and blessed to be an American.

Happy Memorial Day!

The Start of SUMMER!

You know its the start of summer WHEN...
1. You attend high school graduation.
*this is Valor's*

2. Your husband starts summer break:) 
* Mark is teaching one month of summer school- half days*

3. Our pool is OPEN and the smell of BBQ fills the air most nights!

* we rushed to dip in before a thunderstorm*
*Elijah was content with his Oreo*

Bring on SUMMER!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I passed a sign the other day that offered bunnies to whomever would like one. 
I contemplated for a moment getting a bunny for the kids.
Especially after I saw how much they LOVED this little bunny at the Abells house.
They fed it carrots, petted it and stayed by its cage for a long time, probably dreaming of the day they could have a bunny of their very own:)
We had such a good time visiting the Abells for dinner in MA!
I LOVE this family!
I taught Marissa in 3rd grade when I taught (shocker, I know- I did have a career before my kiddos:)

And Michelle, what a sweet friend. 
We taught together for 2 years and she was such a great mentor and teacher.
We became fast friends and greatly enjoyed stamping together- I miss it SO much!
We also used to go over swimming and have some good cookouts-
check out these old pics from back in the day...

(the twins at her Memorial Day picnic- 2006)

swimming at their pool-2006
Here is my 2nd year teaching third grade- Marissa is the second from the right in the back row:) 
And can you believe I have not one pic of me and Michelle from the old days- so sad!
But here is a good one from the present:)

P.S. I WILL get you the pics from our visit, Michelle:) I havent forgotten!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Need To Smile Today?

(Jackson Brown and Elijah in PA)

This should do it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When did I get so old?

First day of school- August 2009

to have 2 little girls off to their last day of Kindergarten? SNIFF...
They will graduate tonight- walk down the aisle and get a little diploma.
I will cry and reminisce.
 I will thank God for these 2 little blessings who arrived the same day and rocked our world:) 
I will praise HIM for giving them health and the ability to learn.
I am proud that they are my daughters.
I am proud that they have accomplished a whole year of school.

First day of school- Aug 2009

I didnt even notice until now that she is wearing the same dress on her first day pic and her last day pic:) 

Love, Mommy x0x0x0

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Painting Projects

I LOVE to paint and have never been able to do what I'd like to with colors ect. because we were never allowed to paint in all the places we lived! So, I emailed our landlord and he said SURE!
Our living room is painted a tealy blue called Watery.
I went with chocolate brown and red accents all over
I love it!

I made these curtains with material I LOVE! I actually had a nursing cover with this fabric:) 
I also made all the throw pillows! I love my sewing machine!

I also painted the kitchen- which was a TON of work- too many little spaces!
We chose a nice warm brown color- the name is escaping me-

I took all my coffee signs and placed them all over the top of the kitchen- it looks so "bistro" to me!
I also made coffee curtains for the kitchen:)
Next is the dining room- I am thinking a warm red with black and yellow accents!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Justin and Erika Brett

My little brother, Justin, tied the knot on April 24th at a beautiful country club in PA. 
We were able to make a vacation out of it and enjoy time with my family and friends.
And YES, I did cry as my brother walked down the aisle to get married.
I thought of my dad and how happy he would be of my brother and his lovely wife, Erika.
I wish he could have been there.

Congratulations, Justin and Erika! I love you both so much and 
wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!

We are SPARKS for Jesus..Sparks to light the way..

Here are my little SPARKIES who just finished their first book!
I love the AWANA program.
The girls enjoy memorizing Bible verses, and I am so thankful that they are hiding God's Word in their little hearts.