Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Painting Projects

I LOVE to paint and have never been able to do what I'd like to with colors ect. because we were never allowed to paint in all the places we lived! So, I emailed our landlord and he said SURE!
Our living room is painted a tealy blue called Watery.
I went with chocolate brown and red accents all over
I love it!

I made these curtains with material I LOVE! I actually had a nursing cover with this fabric:) 
I also made all the throw pillows! I love my sewing machine!

I also painted the kitchen- which was a TON of work- too many little spaces!
We chose a nice warm brown color- the name is escaping me-

I took all my coffee signs and placed them all over the top of the kitchen- it looks so "bistro" to me!
I also made coffee curtains for the kitchen:)
Next is the dining room- I am thinking a warm red with black and yellow accents!


Jeanette said...

I love it! Especially the teal blue in the living room - that's my favorite! You are very talented my friend and it is looking amazing!

Erika said...

It looks very good, and the best part is that it is original to you and your house, since you made so much of it!

Michelle ;0) said...

LOVE it! It all looks so good! I'm glad you're finally able to go 'crazy' with color!! HOW FUN!!!

Janelle said...

GREAT JOB!!!!! Your home looks so comfy and warm!!! The kitchen is adorable and the living room looks awesome! Love the colors you used together! Can't wait to see more!!!