Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!
I never imagined my life with 4 little children in it! 
Honestly. I always wanted 2 kids in my dreams, but having twins right off the bat threw a little curve ball in our plans. I LOVED having twins! The excitement of 2 little human beings dependent on you was exhilarating. Your fist child (children) brings so much pleasure as they eat their first bite of cereal, smile, coo and laugh, roll over, sit up, take their first steps.You're always waiting for the next big milestone! Then you have your next child- my 3rd- and life is a whirlwind!  You no longer wait for the milestones and you are lucky to even stay awake long enough to realize their growing up! You world is full of boggers, dirty diapers, spilled messes, sticky fingers, Dora and Diego, and exhaustion! Then add another! I dont know how I have managed to survive four little munchkins in 5 years but through God's grace I have and honestly have tried to enjoy the ride! This Mother's Day, I woke up to a clean house, flowers, little plaster of paris handprints, a warm cup of coffee with biscotti and bagels and 4 little smiling faces beaming with pride because I am their mom and its Mother's Day!  I couldnt be happier! Yes, life is crazy and I often loose my temper and patience almost every day, but I have the love and hearts of 4 little people! I am instrumental is forming who these people turn out to be and how they view this world and their God! God is using me to shape 4 little lives. 
What a humbling privilege is mine!
my oldest by 30 minutes- Sophia Hope
my Arianna Grace
my Ella Faith (Ella Bella)

my last baby(and my BOY)- Elijah Benjamin


~Abbey~ said...

Enjoyed this post! Happy Mother's day!

Janelle said...

LOVED these pictures!!!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I have to admit, your truly amaze me!!! Keep up the great work Mommy!!! :)

Erika said...

Loved this post! So sweet! And I didn't know you'd only ever wanted two. :) Just like me, ha ha!