Saturday, May 29, 2010


I passed a sign the other day that offered bunnies to whomever would like one. 
I contemplated for a moment getting a bunny for the kids.
Especially after I saw how much they LOVED this little bunny at the Abells house.
They fed it carrots, petted it and stayed by its cage for a long time, probably dreaming of the day they could have a bunny of their very own:)
We had such a good time visiting the Abells for dinner in MA!
I LOVE this family!
I taught Marissa in 3rd grade when I taught (shocker, I know- I did have a career before my kiddos:)

And Michelle, what a sweet friend. 
We taught together for 2 years and she was such a great mentor and teacher.
We became fast friends and greatly enjoyed stamping together- I miss it SO much!
We also used to go over swimming and have some good cookouts-
check out these old pics from back in the day...

(the twins at her Memorial Day picnic- 2006)

swimming at their pool-2006
Here is my 2nd year teaching third grade- Marissa is the second from the right in the back row:) 
And can you believe I have not one pic of me and Michelle from the old days- so sad!
But here is a good one from the present:)

P.S. I WILL get you the pics from our visit, Michelle:) I havent forgotten!


Erika said...

Oh they would love a bunny! But then you'd have to clean up after it!!!!

~Abbey~ said...

you know you can litter train a bunny...i love the pocket size ones!

did you have 21 kids by yourself or did you have an aide?

Michelle said...

What a surprise to read your blog & see a picture of Marissa and then me!! We are so glad you & your family were able to spend the evening with us while you were here!! I am looking forward to getting the photo cd so I can print some pictures of your family--I was SO bummed that my pics all got deleted!!