Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wizard of Oz Costumes for Halloween

 This year the kids wanted to go with a Harry Potter theme, but I could not find used costumes anywhere, so after finding Ella's Dorothy dress at Savers for $3, I talked them into Wizard of Oz:) 
It was fun hunting for everything and seeing it all come together in the end! 
Ella had to put Daisy in the basket as Toto. 
I made her shoes with red glitter ribbon and an old pair of white shoes.
Elijah's costume was the hardest to figure out. I finally settled on cutting a trash can in half and spray painting it silver. I attached the top with elastic so it would stay on him. The hat was a funnel from the dollar store and a beanie spray painted. Overall, it was my favorite of our families costumes:) 

Ari's dress I found at Savers as well for $5. 
I made the wand out of a dowel, spray paint and glitter foam.
And the crown, I made out of a pack of dollar store plastic cutting mats, glue, glitter and rhinestones. 
Sophie's dress was also a $5 Savers find and we paired it with one of my sweaters and a witches hat. 
The green makeup did the trick in bringing it all together! It was so "her". 

Mark's costume was the easiest of them all.
And I found my shirt at Savers, and a lion mask at a funky costume store in downtown Littleton for $3! The headband was from Michael's- it came with a tail too that I hot glued to the shirt. 

We wore these costumes to our school's annual Boo Ball, 
and we look forward to wearing them again for Halloween! 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hopkins Fun Run

Another favorite school event is our Fun Run where we run to Twain and then run back together and have a little school spirit rally. It was a rainy morning but we still had a good run! 
Every year, the PTO buys a t-shirt for every kid in the school as a way to promote school spirit. 
We hold a little design contest for the fifth grade class. They all submit a t-shirt design. All the kids in 5th grade vote for their favorite top 5. Then the top 5 have to appear before a committee of teachers/staff and explain why their design and the committee chooses the winner. 
Well, this year, Sophia and Arianna's design both got in the top 5 and Sophia won! 
She was so excited to see the whole school decked out in her creation:) 
We were so proud of her! 

 Ms, Hester is our fabulous gym teacher who makes this event happen! She rocks.

 Mr. Hoppy made an appearance and of course, Mr. Winger, was in the midst of it! 

the run is always beautiful with all the changing leaves

 It's pretty chaotic:) 

We love our school!