Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wizard of Oz Costumes for Halloween

 This year the kids wanted to go with a Harry Potter theme, but I could not find used costumes anywhere, so after finding Ella's Dorothy dress at Savers for $3, I talked them into Wizard of Oz:) 
It was fun hunting for everything and seeing it all come together in the end! 
Ella had to put Daisy in the basket as Toto. 
I made her shoes with red glitter ribbon and an old pair of white shoes.
Elijah's costume was the hardest to figure out. I finally settled on cutting a trash can in half and spray painting it silver. I attached the top with elastic so it would stay on him. The hat was a funnel from the dollar store and a beanie spray painted. Overall, it was my favorite of our families costumes:) 

Ari's dress I found at Savers as well for $5. 
I made the wand out of a dowel, spray paint and glitter foam.
And the crown, I made out of a pack of dollar store plastic cutting mats, glue, glitter and rhinestones. 
Sophie's dress was also a $5 Savers find and we paired it with one of my sweaters and a witches hat. 
The green makeup did the trick in bringing it all together! It was so "her". 

Mark's costume was the easiest of them all.
And I found my shirt at Savers, and a lion mask at a funky costume store in downtown Littleton for $3! The headband was from Michael's- it came with a tail too that I hot glued to the shirt. 

We wore these costumes to our school's annual Boo Ball, 
and we look forward to wearing them again for Halloween! 

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You are so great, Chas!