Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Journal Update: Day 6 of 17

 We had a VERY full day today and it was SUPER fun! 
We started the day off at Soda Lake with Erika and her 2 girlies- Maddie and Clara
We stayed for 4 hours and the kids had a ball playing and digging in the sand and swimming in the ICE cold water! It was FREEZING!  At the end of the day they built a HUGE hole and filled it with water and it soon became a GIANT mud puddle- Elijah LOVED it- jumping and splashing- he was brown in no time at all! Of course, I had packed the camera away by then so I didnt get pictures- but it was awesome! Such a BOY thing to enjoy- although the girls got in too- they called it their hot tub.
Such a relaxing activity because the kids need little supervision since they just sit and dig in the sand.
Ella did have a little scare when the raft she was on got blown away by a big gust of wind and she flipped off it in the deep end. I was on another raft with Elijah and was trying to get to her fast- she went under and did manage to stand up on her tiptoes when another teen girl nearby grabbed her till I got there- sorta scary! Elijah told Mark tonight on Skype that Ella had to be rescued today:) 
Couldn't keep that story from him:) 

 We got home around 3:00 and I quickly bathed and fed the kiddos and then they went with Becca (a coworker of Marks at Valor) to Monkey Business for a little outing! They LOVED it and Becca was SO very sweet to think of me and give me a break! 
 I was able to grab a frappucinno at Starbucks and go get my nails done- a manicure and pedicure! AHHH! It was SO relaxing and my feet  and nails look SO pretty now! Its been over a year since I've gotten that done so they had to work extra hard to get them pretty! 

 I know my toes are crooked- I inherited that from my dad, which I now count as a privilege:) Whenever I look at my toes, I think of him and thats not a bad thing since I miss him a lot!

Another highlight of my day was that my necklace from GroopDealz came today and I LOVE it! 
It was only $10 and it is perfect! I LOVE that sight! Its basically like GroopOn but with handmade things mostly from Etsy shops! Right up my alley!

And the last highlight of my day was that Megan brought me some Taco Bell 
at 9:30 at night after she was done work- I was craving it! 
See, Mark.. she's doing a great job taking your place while you are gone! 
and she didnt even put up a fuss!


Erika said...

Oh I love the M heart C! I want one w/ R heart E! Your toes look so pretty! Glad you had some you time!

Mark said...

That sounds like a super fun day. I'm so glad you have someone to run out and get food for you.