Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bonding IN Nature

 How I love Colorado- it is breathtakingly beautiful! 
and you dont have to drive far to see beauty
 We really enjoy hiking St. Mary's Glacier- this is the 3rd time we have hiked it and it gets better every time because the kids get older and enjoy it more! It is about a half hour hike to to the top and the lake and you see lots of animals on the way!
 You also see lots of snow in early summer- it was around 6 inches deep in parts! And the weather was SO warm that day- we didnt even need jackets! Yet, we slipped and slided through the white stuff on the trail and of course, had a snowball fight with daddy! He's such a good sport! 

 The lake was SO pretty and HUGE! We actually saw several set of skiers 
going down that huge mountain behind Mark- part of the glacier! 

 It was SUch a fun morning/afternoon bonding as a family! 

Please pray for Mark- he leaves tomorrow morning! 
We are driving him to the airport to say our goodbyes- 
I expect them to be tearful..

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