Friday, June 24, 2011

Journal Update: Day 15 of 17

 I know, the posts and pictures are getting shorter... we are ready to be done with this journal:) 
Today was HOT! 
Grandma called and invited us to lunch and a movie (Rio) and we gladly took her up on the offer.
We even spent some time in the library- registering for another reading program- we are doing 4 now! yikes! But GREAT prizes are the incentive! From the Englewood library we already got a free pass to Belleview farm and mini golf at Cornerstone Park- which we will be doing once Mark returns! 
Grandma even took the kiddos to the park while I ran to 
Once Upon a Child to get Elijah some used toys for his birthday- yep, he's the 4th kid:) 
But he will love them just the same!
 When we got home tonight around 8:30pm, another surprise awaited little Elijah- a birthday card from Aunt Diane and a birthday package from Grandma in Pennsylvania! 
He LOVED being the center of attention as lots of little hands helped him open his gift!

Lij LOVEd his gift- thanks Mom! 
We are anxiously awaiting Monday!!!!

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