Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 13- Mark Builds a House in Kitali/ Ari gets her haircut, fun with friends

 Arianna got her hair cut today. To those of you who struggle to tell the twins apart, now it will be very easy:) She looks very different from Sophia. This was all her idea and she really wanted her bangs back. Personally, I love her in bangs. It fits her personality well. 

 We were able to spend the day with friends today. 
The kids had fun playing at Maddie and Clara's house and 
Erika and I enjoyed discussing the Bible Study we are working thru. It was very encouraging. 
The Fish Fam invited us over for dinner tonight and Arianna and Sophia are sleeping over, which they are SO very excited about:) The day went fast. Only 5 days and Mark will be home! 

Maddie is teaching Sophia how to knit:) 

Mark and the team built another house today in Kitali. He should be calling soon:) Peace out! 

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