Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 3- Mark's Orientation and the Marketplace/ Yard sale-ing and Skate City

Today we hit up some yard sales and I scored a bunch of name brand clothes for the twins. It's hard to find their size in clothes that are used, so I was excited! We also found some skate knee pads and elbow pads and Ella found some "heels". She has been asking for some. Also found a cute polo for Lij. 
New outfit- $2
my skater

she's wearing her heels and walking kinda funny:) 
Later this afternoon, we headed to Skate City. The kids LOVE skating:) Sophia is really good at it. Arianna and Ella, on the other hand, have needed lots of help until today! My feet were killing me after an hour or so, so I told them they had to figure it out themselves. And they did! By the end, they were both cruising around. We got summer passes for $1 from Hopkins so it was a cheap afternoon out:) Oh, and Elijah was content to stand on the side and high five everyone who passed by him. It was pretty funny and cute! Even adults were high five-ing and giving him knuckles as they skated by.

After dinner, we baked some brownies and mini blueberry cresent pies together. My kids LOVE baking with me and I rarely do it with them. But I figure since they want to sell these at their little lemonade stand tomorrow (at our yard sale) then they have to do the work:) 
Chatted with Mark just now (its morning there) and they are headed to the slums. Mark has been running in the mornings there and it makes me tad nervous seeing as it is outside the compound. But today, he has a group with him which makes me feel better. 
Yesterday, they did get to go to the big open air market and he sent me pictures of the cool stuff he found for us:) He said it was nice to take it easy and ease into the time change and culture.  He said they asked him to preach in church this Sunday so that is something you can pray for him specifically about. He got to preach last year and he said it was tough not to loose your concentration when you have an interpreter. But I am thankful he has this opportunity to proclaim Christ and His glorious Gospel! 
Well, I am off to watch a movie and eat a bowl of mint chocolate chip oreo ice cream.

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