Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 1- Mark departs/ Kids have friends sleepover

We said Goodbye to Mark early this morning. He departs for Kenya today and will be gone for 17 days. I plan to blog about our days on here for him seeing as we often don't get to skype or chat much throughout the day. Every year I think this is going to be much easier then last year and it usually is (all but the goodbyes) I cry every time- usually on the way to the airport and always as we are kissing goodbye. Its tough to see the kids crying too. They love their daddy so much! 
I always joke with him saying he is DEFINITELY their favorite. 
and he is for real. 
He's most definitely my fav too! 
Ella and Elijah had their friends Juj and Addie over for a sleepover tonight. 
They really had a fun day/night and were SO full of energy.  
Mark is on a plane right now to London for around 10 hours. Then they get on a plane for Nairobi and travel another 8 hours or so. Hopefully I will hear from him in the morning.
Ella prayed tonight at dinner that if their plane goes thru storms that God will keep them safe. 
Good prayer.

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