Thursday, August 23, 2012

 This parade is by far my favorite parade in CO:) It takes place in Littleton right around the time school starts and is so family friendly and has lots of western flair- particularly TONS of horses. Its cool. We have gone ever since arriving in CO. They have lots of booths set up which are fun to browse. The girls got face painting at one booth and this lady was AMAZING! It was also free which was a huge plus!

 Our dear friends the Halls live about a block away from the Main Street, so this year, they had us over for donuts and we got great parking! I love the home town feel to this parade- our elementary school walks in it and it was awesome to see the girls principal, their 2nd grade teacher and their new 3rd grade teacher! Makes me feel like we live in a small town which we really dont! 

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