Thursday, December 23, 2010

Concerts, Parties and Ornaments!

 On the 13th the twins had a WINTER concert at their school. It was sorta sad because they sang NO Christmas songs- they were all generic ones about winter and such.
I missed Mrs. Johnsons HUGE production at Christmas time 
complete with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
and multitudes of angels singing praises to GOD! 
Nevertheless, they did dress up for the occasion, even Ella!

Last week was the busiest week of all in our Christmas preparations!
Tuesday night, we delivered 6 plates of homemade cookies to the neighbors in our row.
Thursday morning, we had a Ladies coffee Christmas party  at our house
complete with cookie swap and jewelry exchange!
Thursday night we invited all the neighbors in our row over for a Christmas Open House. We had 4 different families come and we had so much fun getting to know them better! 
Friday, we helped host another holiday party at the Mondragons for all Marks old highschool friends who still are in the area! Thanks Megan for babysitting!
Saturday night I went to a holiday Bunko party at my sister in laws house- it was SO much fun! Thanks Emy for hosting it! 
This week is much less busy. 
We are having Christmas Eve dinner here with Marks family.
Christmas Day we are having the Lutzs over for an Italian feast:) 
I really do enjoy all the parties and activities of Christmas!

(these flowers were given to me by our neighbor- so sweet)
 Here are the 3 ornaments I mass produced for Christmas this year! 
They turned out cute! The owls are my favorite!


Erika said...

It's a blessed time of year and I have been loving it. Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas!!!!

Erika said...

Is Sophia wearing your gold earrings that I gave you? That's what it looks like! :)

Chastity Gomez said...

YES! She is- isnt that SO funny! Those are one of my favorite pairs of earrings! She wanted something shiny:)