Sunday, August 7, 2011

San Diego: Day 2

 We started day 2 off with breakfast at The Cottage in La Jolla. It had to die for hollandaise sauce. The weather was cloudy as usual. They call it the marine layer- basically cloudy skies till around 11 or 12. So after breakfast, we drove along the coast and stopped to explore the rocks and beach of La Jolla.
 It was SO pretty! We walked along the rocks and I found a ton of tide pools
 with little crabs and sea creatures.

 Since the sun was lazy making its appearance we walked along the many shops in La Jolla and stopped by for a sweet treat at Cups, a cute little organic bakery. 
Megan got a creme brulle cupcake and I got the double chocolate. They were so yummy! 
The coffe was delicious too.

 We spent a few hours laying out in the sun and surfing the waves at La Jolla Beach and then stopped by The Cheese Shop for lunch, which oddly enough doesnt sell cheese but sandwiches.
 I had the smoked salmon on a bagel and it was awesome!
On a side note, I got pummeled by a wave and lost my new sunglasses- very disappointing and sorta scary. I have a traumatic story of getting crushed by a wave when I was little and flashbacks definitely crossed my mind as the waves were pounding me into the sand. I survived, but my sunglasses didnt.
Dont ask me why I was wearing them in the water in the first place- it was very sunny.
 That night we drove down to the Gaslamp Quarter but weren't very impressed.. it was FULL of restaurants and since we werent starving, we decided to explore Little Italy and grab a panini instead. 
Of course we found a cool red door to take a picture by! 

 After dinner we went to the Glass Door, 
our hotels restaurant to check out the view. 
It was SO very pretty! 
It was a fun day of sun, surf and food:) All my favorite things:) 
Well, not ALL my favorite things.. 
I really was missing my hubby and kiddos too by day 2! 


Erika said...

You can tell Meagan is a photographer b/c there's a few breath-taking pics of you and the water in here. Gorgeous!

~Abbey~ said...

sounds so fun...i love that pic of you by the door..that outfit is very complimentary on you!

Chastity Gomez said...

Thanks Abbey! I HATE that I am squinting- oh well!

Katie said...

Looks so fun (and yummy).