Thursday, August 4, 2011

Embrace the Camera: August 4th

I love my kids. A lot. I missed them when I was in San Diego. What do you say, did I miss?

I missed the way Elijah grabs my face and kisses it 
with such spontaneity it melts my heart.
I missed the hearing Ella address me 
as her "twin". It cracks me up! 
I missed Sophia always being there to help me 
with whatever I need with no complaining at all! 
I missed Arianna's endless handwritten notes
 inviting me to her tea parties! 

It was a refreshing and restful trip that made me appreciate my munchkins 
even more and made the little things they do every day seem 
so much more important! 


Blair said...

What a gorgeous photo!

Beth said...

first, SO happy you got to get away! What a nice husband you have. :) second, love the little things you wrote about the kids. third, thankyouverymuch- I just spent my whole precious nap time pouring over that blog you linked to. grrrrr.... why do I do this to myself!

Chastity Gomez said...

ha! Beth, I know:) I got it from another friend and I spent WAY too long looking thru it too! Then I start clicking on others sights off hers- oh my! Its a vicious cycle:)

Jessa said...

What a lovely family!

Caitlin said...

love it!