Friday, August 19, 2011

One week down... and still smiling!

Pictures above were all captured on the first day of school at Hopkins Elementary.
My little second graders have made it a week and are still LOVING school.
Their teacher is Mrs. Sustr.
Its gonna be a good year. 
I accepted the nomination for Hospitality Chair- 
Basically, I have to plan the food and be a "greeter" for 5 schoolwide gatherings.
Cool new responsibility for which I am very grateful. 
I am volunteering in 2nd grade 2 days a week- excited to start that in September.
Mark and I are attending the first PTO meeting in September.
Please pray that we continue to meet new people, develop friendships and share the Gospel! 
Missional living is what its all about! 


danielle said...

i can not believe how big they are, it just seems like yesterday they were in the toddler room with me. =]

~Abbey~ said...

looks good! Stay involved! you will be great at that job! last year I was appointed (before i was asked, mind you, but i couldn't say no then ;) as the Advertising Chairperson. Not my favorite task that's for sure! this year should be just as interesting for sure! Are the girls in the same class?